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Love Local: Finding The Perfect Present From A Small Business

What is the perfect way to show the people that we love how much we appreciate them? Through a heartfelt card, a gorgeous bunch of flowers, luxury gift boxes filled with wonderful treats or even a homemade gift crafted with love and care.

Finding the right gift for the ones we love can be tricky, but as the Federation of Small Businesses notes a recent rise in the number of small businesses, there is an overwhelming number of wonderful present ideas to choose from. Here is just a selection of gift ideas you can choose to from to brighten a loved ones day during these uncertain times.

The Power Of Flowers

Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a gift that rarely disappoints, making it a safe choice. A birthday, an anniversary, celebration or for a friend that needs cheering up – sending a bouquet of flowers to brighten up the recipientsday always goes down a treat, regardless of the occasion.

Letterbox flowers have become a popular choice for many, as you can send them to friends or family who live further away, but without the worry that the package will be left on their doorstop or returned. Simply posted through your letterbox, all the recipient needs to do is open, snip the ends, find a container, and add water – then enjoy the joy the beautiful bouquet brings.

Luxury In A Box

What better way to show your appreciation for someone than with a box of delicious treats? Whether it is a gift box for friends or family, sending a box filled with products for them to try is an excellent way to not only showcase your love, but also introduce them to other small businesses. For example, you can find an array of delightful local gifts from Boxlocal, a perfect example of luxury gift boxes which includes locally sourced products and packages them with care.

Lighting The Room

Candles have rapidly become a popular gift choice over the years, with a rise in not just ones which create a beautiful aroma, but ones which are visually aesthetically pleasing. Ornamental candles in particular make a wonderful gift as they double up as a decorative item in a person’s home.Alongside artistic candles, wax melts have also seen an increase in interest, with a number of small businesses offering both the melts and the wax melt burner.

Getting Crafty

For those in your life that love to learn a new skill, craft kits for adults make a perfect gift. In addition to being a unique gift that the recipient can make themselves, taking up a new hobby can be a satisfying way to de-stress and relax. With a vast selection of options available for those wanting to start a new craft project, check out an online guide to learning a new hobby for inspiration. From crocheting a blanket, to creating your own organic soap and even a woodburning craft kit – there is most likely a craft set available for your friends and family.