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Important Things to Consider While Building Concrete Car Parks

Building a floor or some rooms are way easier than making a car parking. This case includes a few calculations which is required because otherwise, it will not be economical and cost effectiveness will not be seen there too! When you are building a concrete car parking, some factors you should definitely consider. Here are a few factors that you need to consider at this point.

Purpose consideration: 

Why are you making these concrete car parks? Well, the purpose of the construction should be clear to you. While we all know that car parks are prepared to house cars and place cars under shade. But besides this there are some other purposes of car parking can be found. This is your temporary garbage bin keeping place as well. Many people use car parking for different reasons. The shade over the car saves it from storms and other harsh weather. 

Construction material consideration: 

You need to know the materials you are going to use for this purpose! Car parks are made with different objects. In this case, the concrete one is a very common construction. If the car park is made with concrete, it is durable and safe to use. Generally, in the basement of cinema halls, shopping malls or office car parks. A construction that lasts for more than 50 years directs you to choose this ingredient. Line marking and easy kerbing can also be seen in concrete car parks. The ingredient list will also change as per the location of the construction. There should be a local list of ingredients for the constructions. You need to follow that. 

Design consideration: 

You are not making this for time pass! When you are spending so much money for a concrete car park that must be special. You have to utilize the whole place allotted for car parking properly. You have to utilize the whole area. You need to accommodate more numbers of cars in the shade and also you need to learn the usage of the space. The landscape of the car park should be designed by an expert engineer only. As you have to consider a lot of points, a trained engineer would be the best person to do the task on your behalf. If you are designing the whole house, then this car park would be designed keeping in mind the aesthetics values of the car park.

Price consideration:

  • Price consideration is especially important here. You need to understand the construction materials that are used in this case. Using concrete means the construction cost would be on the higher side.
  • There are construction friendly seasons available such as winters. If you go for construction in the winters, the cost would be very less. In case of pricier seasons like the rainy season, the cost of construction goes sky high. During this time, if you go for a new construction, the price will definitely go up.
  • Besides all these the site of construction also matters. Construction costs in some parts of the town are really high. If the roads are not smooth, the carrying cost of construction material becomes high, hence the construction price shoots up! 

Earthworks should be properly taken care of. The floor of the construction should be done in such a way that entering and exiting cars would be easier. If you remember these points, you can prepare concrete car parks economically and efficiently. People will definitely appreciate your efforts and you will end up building a beautiful and efficient car park for public use.