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Organise Your Storage to Create Space at Home

Storage is one of those things that always sounds mundane, and yet without it we’d be in a proper mess. It’s also something we sort of expect to happen automatically, but without a bit of attention most storage doesn’t really work.

Cupboards get full, wardrobes get crammed, and shelvesbecome overloaded, with random possessions strewn around the house. The result is a mentally stressing muddle that can actually raise your anxiety levels.

Simplify Your Space

Basically, declutter your surfaces and work on having designated areas for categories of items.

It’s usually best to do this in stages rather than try and sort out the whole house at once. You could go through each room and set aside all the items that fit into a particular category, or pick a room and work on that one space until you’ve got it sorted.

If you choose the category route, be logical about it. First, decide where that category of item will live. You could choose books, for instance. This doesn’t mean you only have books in one spot, so if you like reading in the bedroom as well as the living room, or you have an office space and need work related books close to your desk, arrange suitable book storage for each room. Then sort out the bookshelves so you know where your different books are.

It’s pretty much the same with all possessions. Have somewhere for shoes when you come through the door, have a designated area for keys or coats, or kids’ toys or spare linens.

As you go through possessions, you’ll probably come across stuff you’d forgotten you owned. Some things you can safely dispose of and you won’t miss them, like the random cables and connectors we all seem to have for long-gone devices. Other things deserve more care. Such as items you might want to save to pass on to kids, or those you inherited yourself and which have a sentimental value even if they’re not ideal for your lifestyle or taste.

Self storage units can help with space to preserve those things, leaving you more room at home to enjoy the possession you love and use regularly. You won’t even have to worry about spending too much money as self storage prices vary depending on the economy, population, and demand for storage in your area. That means, self storage in Manchester or Birmingham will cost differently than that in London, Glasgow, or Perth. 

Use More Storage Furniture

From coffee tables to end tables, chests and storage stools, there’s lots of choice for furniture that help keep surfaces clear. Beds too, with divans or ottoman styles, offer lots of storage room under the mattress.

Even organising your wardrobe better can save space in the bedroom. Try hanging a second rail beneath the main rail, to hold more shirts or jackets. Or install a crafts tower unit for shoes or folded items. A rail inside the door is a good place for ties and belts or scarves.

Don’t discount shelving. It’s good all round the house, and if your walls are reserved exclusively for artwork, what about above a doorway? That’s a spot most people never think of for storage, but it works for all sorts of things, even towels in the bathroom or baskets and tubs for shower products.

Taking it Season by Season

If the garage or shed is filled with unused garden machinery through the winter, why not house all that equipment in self storage for the duration? Same goes for summer outdoor furnishings or barbecues. Expensive gear will stay in better condition when it’s not exposed to the elements for months on end.

You can take a similar approach with clothes. Bulky coats and boots take up lots of space, not to mention winter sports gear through summer or somewhere to put camping equipment through winter. Having a self storage unit is the next best thing to having a bigger house, as you can hang on to all the stuff you need without it crowding you out of house and home. Most self storage facilities are in handy locations, so it’s fairly quick and easy to swap items out as the seasons (or your needs) change. 

Plus, there’s lots of choice regarding room sizes, so you don’t have to pay for more than you’ll use. If your storage needs are modest, some facilities even offer lockers so there’s a safe place for less bulky, valuable items.

Sorting storage at home so you can keep your surfaces clear is surprisingly mentally freeing. The house is easier to keep clean, and you don’t have to move lots of stuff around before you can do anything, so you save time too.

It takes a bit of organising, but it’s well worth the bother.