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5 Trending Must-Haves for the Modern Man-Cave

With more time being spent at home, it is vital to have a go-to place to recharge your batteries and get away from the home office. The man-cave has made a resurgence and many are looking to upgrade a shed or create a space in the garden, loft, or basement where you can do just this.

Man Cave Ideas The Perfect Place To Relax

This article provides a condensed list of the top five buys for your man-cave:

1. High Definition Screen

No man-cave is complete without a serious screen, be it for watching the news, sport, gaming or Skype with your mates. Make sure that you have a decent-sized screen and that it is compatible with all your other tech in the cave. Regardless of the type of man you are, the flat panel or HDTV is likely to be the centre piece in the man-cave as well as one of your big buys. Do your research carefully and read as much as you can. Understand your needs and the space, so that you are able to purchase a TV that suits your requirements.

2. Tool Rack or Cupboard

The small hand-tools that you need for DIY should be kept at hand and a great place to keep them is in the man-cave and as such you will need a tool rack or cupboard. Be creative and see if this can be integrated into a seating design with a covered bench or under the sofa. They can also be a design feature and simply hung on a wall.

3. Games Galore

As boredom is not an option in a man-cave, there needs to be games galore. The old tried-and-tested games like darts and pool may require a little more space but will always be firm favourites as they keep you entertained for hours. In addition, board games, brain games, computer games such as the digital version of Catan, and more are great options too. If space is at a premium, then pinball may work better than a pool table. But be aware that once you have the lair set up, you’re likely to be pestered for a game every time your mates are visiting.

4. A Good Beer Supply

No one wants to be running to the closest shop before the game and then having to drink whatever the establishment has available. A real man-cave must have a readily accessible beer supply for guests. The latest trend is a professional, quality draught beer dispenser for the home, which you can have installed. This will allow you to simplify the beer-buying process and allow you to imbibe some interesting beer choices. Whether you love your ales, your draught or even your german beers, just make sure it’s available before you settle down to game or relax.

5. Toilets

Having easy access to amenities completes the man-cave. Planning permissions and finances may mean having a toilet installed is impossible, but then you will need to replan and ensure the space you choose at least has access to a bathroom.

If you can plan the above mentioned then you have the perfect summer ready to go, no matter what the government guidelines are.