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How The World Celebrates Father’s Day!

We all hear about Father’s day and preparing to buy the most incredible gifts for them and plan a lovely day but what happens when Dad is absent? For many children, Father’s Day does not cause joy. The father may be absent for various reasons: work, separation, whether a single parent or due to death. Keep in mind that in addition to the traditional family there are many other models: single parents, two mothers or two fathers, grandparents raising children. In all cases, the celebration of Father’s Day can affect children who do not have a father in their lives to a greater or lesser degree. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with celebrating father’s day with whoever has been a father figure in your life. Therefore you will want to choose the best fathers day gift for them. 

To show you how much the Father’s Day tradition can vary from country to country, here are some examples of countries that honor dads for different reasons and in many different forms.

Father’s Day in Germany

In Germany, Father’s Day is called “Vatertag” and each year, the date changes. And yes, in Germany, Father’s Day is celebrated on Ascension Day, 40 days after Easter. In some German regions, we will rather talk about men’s day or men’s day. The Festival then becomes the Männertag or the Herrentag respectively.

The Danish peculiarity

Unlike many countries which coincide the calendar for Father’s Day to fall on a Sunday, Denmark has made another choice! Danes celebrate dads every June 5 of the year. This date coincides with the feast of the Constitution. Double reason for taking advantage of a public holiday and the Danish always love a good holiday! 

A recent Greek tradition

It is thanks to Nicolas Spitalas, president of the Association of Divorced Fathers (SYGAPA) and its activists, that we can see a desire to enhance the role of the father in society from 2004. Their slogan: “I love my dad, parental equality “has become very popular. The activists demanded the establishment of a Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. Thanks to their fight, Father’s Day was formalized by the government in 2010 and was added to the calendar.

Father’s Day in Switzerland

It was in 2007 that Father’s Day was introduced in Switzerland on the first Sunday of June in most of the country. A date that is an exception. Note: it is on March 19 that the canton of Ticino and that of Valais celebrate dads.

Father’s Day in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, Father’s Day also falls on the third Sunday in June. But as in Argentina, the date is debated! Indeed, the Social-Christian Unity Party wanted to move the celebration to March 19: Saint Joseph’s Day to pay homage to the adoptive father of Jesus but also to pay homage to the capital of the Country “San José”. For the moment the official date has not changed.

How will you be celebrating father’s day this year? Are you a new dad? Are you celebrating a special birthday around the same time? Either way we hope it is wonderful!