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How To Make Your Small Room Seem Larger

You’ve not only got the challenge of keeping your home tidy with young children but now you’ve been tasked with the job of changing up your smallest room. Of course, when looking at this space you want to do everything in your power to trick the eye and make this space seem bigger. With the use of some of these tricks and clever planning that can be achieved.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

You want to be bold with the colors you use. You want to use two colors to create to trick the eye and making your space look larger. Use light bright colors and then contrast them with very dark shades and colors. By doing this you are creating depth and creating the illusion of having more space. For example, having off-white walls with the contrast of deep green cabinets. 

Choose Your Furniture Carefully

Of course, you want your furniture to be pleasing to the eye but before rushing off and impulse buying. It is really important to choose it wisely. Firstly where possible buy furniture that has multi-purposes. For example, you could have hidden storage in items of furniture such as a built-in window seat or under the bed. Another consideration when choosing furniture does the furniture assists with making the room look larger. For example, mirrored bedroom furniture will reflect light and create the illusion of more space.  

Floor To Ceiling Curtains

By hanging, curtains that sit just under the ceiling and run all the way to the floor will draw the eye vertically and adds height to your room. Even if your window doesn’t sit directly under the ceiling still hang the curtain rail as close to the ceiling as you can to get maximum effect. 

Don’t Over Clutter Your Space

Do not fall into the trap of thinking lots of smaller nicknacks will be better placed in a smaller room. That is not the case. By having lots of smaller bits dotted around you will just be creating the sense of clutter and will actually have the opposite effect and make the room look smaller. Having one or two larger feature items will draw the eye and still allow you to dress the room and make it feel cozy. Another tip when dressing your space is to group your freestanding accessories into triangle space by using three to five items as a maximum. Remember you do not need to fill the counter space. In a small room, less is more.  

Add Light

Smaller rooms can run the risk of having limited natural light available. In these instances, it is vital to ensure that you mitigate this and ensure that you create that illusion of the room bring brightness. The best way to achieve this is to utilize lots of lamps and candles spaced throughout the room so a corner is missed and the room feels airy. Even if you have a bright ceiling light, still add the extras. Multiple sources of light can make the room feel more expansive.