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9 Fun and Crafty Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

In case going to the park or riding around on your bikes has become a bit boring and repetitive, you and your kids might be looking for some other sources of entertainment. Worry not as there are hundreds of ways you can have fun in your own home. Take a look at the following suggestions and get crafty with your little ones.

Make a mini foosball table

If you’re a sporty family but your young kids can’t really reach the foosball table, you can think about creating a mini one for them. The great thing here is that you don’t need a lot of supplies for this project either. For example, you can turn a shoebox into a foosball table in no time. Make goals on each end and add four holes on each side of the box through which you can put some wooden dowels that will work as handles. Glue a few clothespins to the dowels and decorate those with your kids in any way they want. It can take you a few hours to make but it will provide hours of entertainment.

Create masks for a costume party

You can consider inviting some of their friends over and throwing a small costume party. To properly prepare them for the event, you can make masks together. Look online for free templates that you can use or come up with the design on your own. Let your kids color it how they want, help them cut it out, and put an elastic band on it so that they can easily wear it.

Tie-dye clothes

Another fun activity you can take into account is painting clothes. For example, you can easily find cheap white T-shirts that you can tie-dye together. Let your little ones make their own by showing them what to do. You can also make customized sneakers. If they have some plain white shoes, some fabric paint is all you need to make them colorful and unique.

Paint unique art for their room

Besides clothes, you can also paint on real canvases. You can easily order all supplies you need online and let your kids do some painting. You can hang these pieces in their room and do it every year so that they see how their skills developed over time. Something else to consider is letting them paint or draw on the wall. This is a very unique way of decorating their room; just make sure they understand that this is the only spot in the house where they are allowed to do that.

Learn to make slime

Have you and your kids been obsessed with slime videos on Instagram and YouTube? Well, the great news is that you can also learn to make your own. You will need some white glue, lotion, food coloring, sprinkles and glitter, and 50-100ml of activator that you can make by mixing borax and warm water. A bowl, spoon, and container to keep the slime in are also necessary. In the beginning, it might feel a bit sticky but it should start to become more slime-like the more you knead it.

Try origami

A fun activity for the whole family is origami. It’s easy to find countless instructions online so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get some easy ones for your little ones. Moreover, if you haven’t done this in a while, maybe you will also need some beginner-level projects to get you back into shape.

Fly paper planes

Once you master origami, making paper planes should be a breeze. Teach your kids how to make their own and later on, you can even have a little competition. Get a big piece of cardboard, cut out some holes, and see who can fly their planes the best so that they go through the holes. The winner can get a nice prize, like picking the movie that the whole family will watch together later.

Set up an obstacle course

If you’re looking for an activity that will get your kids to move, you can set up an obstacle course in your home or backyard. Have them participate in setting up things to crawl under or jump over as well. You don’t have to make it complicated but add some variety to keep it fun. You can also create a laser maze with some crepe paper and let them figure out a way to get through it.

Decorate cookies

Maybe baking and decorating is more your forte. Well, you can let your kids pick a recipe and allow them to help you out while making it. From peeling to mixing, there are a lot of ways for them to assist you. Once it’s done, let them decorate the cookies or cake however they want.

No matter the activity you opt for, you can rest assured that your kids will love that you are spending some quality time together. Whether it’s making slime or painting their shoes, the most important thing is to remember to have fun!