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4 Tips for Settling into University Life

Living away from home for the first time can be exciting, but it’s also often frightening in many ways. You’re responsible for a lot of things that you might not have been responsible for before, from cooking all of your own meals to managing your money. On top of that, you’re learning in a new environment and you’re surrounded by new people. It can take a while to settle in, but everyone can find ways to make their university experience their own. If you’re preparing to go to university soon, here are some of the things you can do to find your place.

Find the Right Living Situation

Choosing the right place to live can make a big difference when you go to university. Many people will choose the university-managed student halls, which often mean sharing a flat or house with others. Another option is to choose private accommodation for students, which can often make it possible to get a larger and nicer room. You might also want to explore private rented houses or flats, which many people move into after their first year. Explore providers such as Student Accommodation One. However, a lot of new students prefer to have the extra support of managed student accommodation or halls.

Join Clubs and Societies

You’re likely to start talking to people in your lectures, seminars, or other classes when you start learning. However, you can start getting to know people before then and socialise with others at other times too. Try to make the most of freshers week and join in with various activities and outings. It can be a great time to join clubs and societies, and you will probably find there is a fair or another event where you can find out about all of the organisations available to join. But if you miss the first meeting or session, you can always go along to later ones.

Learn to Manage Your Money

University might be when you’re managing your money on your own for the first time. You might need to get a part-time job to supplement your student loans and grants. Budgeting isn’t always easy, especially when you either feel like you never have enough money or there’s more money in your account than you’ve ever had before. It can be tempting to just spend your money however you want but it’s important to be careful so you don’t run out. You can find lots of tools to help you, including money management apps and cheap recipe ideas.

Look After Your Health

Caring for yourself is important when you move to university. Both your physical and mental health play a role in your happiness. When you move, be sure to register with a local doctor in case you have any medical needs. While you want to focus on having fun, a balanced diet and plenty of exercise will help to keep you healthy. Caring for your mental health is important too, so make yourself aware of the support services offered by your university.

Give yourself time to settle into university life, and remember that your time there is what you make it.