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5 Must-Haves for Your New Family Dog

Introducing a new family pet to your household is an exciting time, but if you’ve never had a dog before, you may be feeling overwhelmed about all the items you need to plan for immediately to make sure your dog, whether it be a German Shepherd, Bulldog, or one of these Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles, has a happy and well-cared for introduction to its new life. 

While your focus will be giving your dog lots of time, care, love and attention, there are also many key must-haves to think about for your new pet.

1. A Proper Fitting Collar and Lead 

Proper measurements and research will be needed for this, no matter the size or breed of your dog. It’s especially important if you’re having a new puppy, as you will need the correct lead to train it and take it on its first walks. However, the right lead and collar is necessary for a new dog of any age. 

This isn’t only for the dog’s benefit, either; the right lead will make your long walks that much easier for you, and more comfortable for you to control and hold your pup.

2. Food Supplies

Your new family member will need a healthy diet, after all! So,stock up on all relevant food supplies, including extra treats for training, too. You can do some research into the best brands for your dog’s breed, age and weight; this is important for making sure your dog is getting enough food based on their size. It may take some trial and error with food brands for very picky eaters though! Eventually, you’ll get to know the type of food and brands your dog loves (and those they don’t).

3. A Bed or Kennel

Choosing where your dog is going to sleep in advance is a great idea, as it allows both you and your dog to get into the right routine from the get-go, and ensures that firm rules are put down. 

This counts for both what your dog will be sleeping in, and where in the home they will be sleeping. You can browse soft indoor dog beds or dog kennels for sale to find the right option and size for your dog’s needs. You can then decide on where it’s best for your dog to sleep, whether in the bedroom, downstairs or in the garden.

4. Fun New Toys

You’ll need to keep your dog entertained, and for those moments your dog might want to chew, or when you’re too busy to actively play with them, it’s a good idea to have some toys on hand for your dog to spend time with. Be sure that any dog toys you invest in are safe and durable so your dog can enjoy them time and again.

5. Cleaning Essentials

The reality of having a dog is that they can make a mess! Even ifthey are well trained and well behaved, it only takes bad weather to turn a walk into a muddy disaster, and you don’t want to make a mess of your home. Be sure to stock up on all the relevant cleaning essentials, including:

  • A dog towel
  • Dog shampoo or other hygiene essentials
  • Dog wipes
  • A dog coat to wear if you want to minimise your dog’s fur being wet or muddy
  • A dog brush
  • Dog repellent products provide a safe and humane way to deter unwanted canine visitors from gardens, yards, or other areas.

Have fun!