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5 Bedroom Cost Savings Ideas for Men

If money was never a problem, we would all do whatever we dreamt of. Our houses would have pretty much anything we desired, but money can be an issue, unfortunately. However, your bedroom does not have to look bland simply because you cannot afford some expensive fittings, furniture, or bedding items. This guide will look at some excellent ideas for men to liven their bedrooms on a budget.

Budget with Bamboo Pillows

When most people think of their sleep quality, comfort, and posture, the mattress usually comes to mind. However, pillows play an equally important role. Your neck, back, and head do not get the required support with the wrong pillow, which may affect your cervical alignment. Luckily, you can always pick up a quality pillow even when on a tight budget. Bamboo pillows, in particular, are some of the best options.

Typically, these pillows are filled with memory foam and then covered with a bamboo microfiber case. This case has amazing breathability, softness, and texture attributes that set the entire pillow apart from other variants. When purchasing pillows, avoid buying too many of them, especially when placing them in small bedrooms. There is no need to accessorize your bedroom with numerous pillows, while you can easily achieve the same effect with one or two pillows and a few statement cushions.

Unlike what many people assume, hotel comfort bamboo pillows are not as pricey. Browse some reputable online stores and compare prices. Additionally, go over the customer reviews to determine which brands you could consider purchasing.

Value Sheets Without Compromising Comfort

Besides your pillow and mattress, the bedsheet is arguably the third essential bedding component. Since you spend a significantly longer time between your sheets, why not get some that you will actually enjoy using? For most people, cotton sheets provide sufficient warmth, comfort, and breathability for a good night’s sleep. You might want to avoid super-premium brands such as those of Pima or Egyptian brands if you are on a budget.

Before purchasing sheets, it is important to understand the fiber lingo prevalent in the bedsheet industry. Sheets made of microfiber are relatively affordable and have fine polyester fibers. However, keep in mind that polyester is less breathable than cotton and might be less suitable if you have super sensitive skin. However, when it comes to cotton, you can choose between woven cotton and cotton jersey. The latter resembles t-shirt fabric.

It is also important to understand the concept of thread count. Traditionally, a higher thread count signified higher bed sheet quality. However, modern fabric weaving technologies allow manufacturers to raise the thread count without raising the overall sheet quality. Generally, anything between 300 and 600 thread count is good enough for a good night’s sleep.

You will also need to understand the different weaving technologies. The two main options are sateen and percale. The latter is a grid-like, basic weave that often feels crisp and light. The sateen weave, on the other hand, feels super smooth. Your choice will largely boil down to personal preference. Additionally, do not assume that your bed sheets will fit your mattress or bed sizes simply because it is labeled a standard size. You will need to account for your mattress depth and potential shrinkage. One is advised to measure their mattress before purchasing bedsheets.

Lastly, you need to consider the return policy of the physical or online store you are purchasing from. With some sellers, you are at liberty to return the sheets even after as long as 30 days, while with others, returns are not allowed.

Don’t Break the Bank with Your Mattress

For most people, the mattress is the most important bedding item when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. However, purchasing one can be quite daunting especially considering the numerous options at one’s disposal. You can easily Click here to find a mattress, but thinking about the cost is also something you want to consider when doing your research, as you don’t want to be breaking the bank. Depending what you’re after, below, here is a look at the best mattress for varying preferences.

For Those Who Want a Plush Top

If you desire a plush top in a mattress, you would be better off with a foam outer layer mattress or a quilted fiberfill. When purchasing these mattresses, do not be swayed by models with thick and plush-looking pillow tops since most of these tend to shrink with time. Instead, choose a relatively firm mattress, preferably with a removable mattress topper.

For Those Who Like to Change It Up

If your sleeping habits and preferences change regularly, you might want to consider an air-filled mattress. These mattresses allow you to adjust the amount of air inside the mattress, effectively altering the level of support and comfort. Additionally, if you and your partner have significantly different sleeping preferences, you will definitely appreciate the independent side-by-side air chambers that come with most air mattresses.

For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need mattresses that can conform to their body shape and support their weight. In this case, the best option would be an innerspring mattress. These ones provide better pressure relief than both latex and foam mattresses. However, if you were to consider a memory foam mattress, go for the soft variants for pressure relief on the hips and shoulders. Feel free to browse some popular online stores for the best budget gel memory foam mattress.

For Stomach Sleepers

The worst mattress a stomach sleeper can get is an overly soft one that envelops their body. Instead, go for a firm foam mattress or a medium-density innerspring mattress. Additionally, you could also consider an air mattress if you are a stomach sleeper.

For Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a mattress with the perfect balance of comfort and support. Comfort because your spine needs to remain aligned, and support because your entire weight needs to be evenly distributed on the mattress surface. Back sleepers are better off purchasing mattresses from a physical store in which they can test each mattress. Alternatively, buy from online stores that allow at-home testing.

Proper Lighting on a Budget

Besides your bedding items, the lighting fixtures you use in your bedroom determine how the entire space looks, feels, and ultimately, how much you spend on bringing the room to life. Surprisingly, most people do not really think about lighting when planning their bedrooms. This results in lighting fixtures that are more of an afterthought and don’t really blend with the rest of the room. However, being on a budget does not mean that you can’t add some style through lighting. Here are some pocket-friendly bedroom lighting tips.

Swap Bedside Lamps for Wall Lights

This comes in handy if you are a bedroom reader. A wall light is among the most useful lighting accessories in a bedroom. Go for variants that allow easy adjustment in terms of light intensity and lighting angles. Additionally, wall lights work perfectly to complement other bedroom accessories, especially in small spaces.

Use A Bedside Lamp for Soft Lighting

You can create an amazing rustic bedroom experience by making use of soft lighting. Go for bedside lamps with a traditional charm to complement the rustic feel. You can enhance the look further by having whitewashed walls.

Combine Different Lighting Ideas

When most of us think about bedroom lighting, what probably comes to mind is the single primary light hanging from the ceiling or sticking out of the wall. However, how about combining different lighting concepts and switching them up depending on your lighting needs. Have a backlit soft light for times when you don’t need bright lighting, a bedside lamp for ambiance, and a strong spotlight for tasks such as reading.

Add Color Without Going Overboard

Small bedrooms typically have the downside of inadequate lighting. However, one can easily overcome this by giving the walls a touch of white or cream. These bright colors create the illusion of a bigger space and balance out the lighting. If white and cream are not your choice of colors, feel free to go with another light color painted on a white foundation.

Feel free to install dark-colored drawer handles, door handles, and other accessories to break the monotony created by an entirely white or cream paint scheme. Once the paint is done, throw in a statement blanket or cushion to grab the attention of anyone who enters the bedroom. Flea markets and second-hand household item shops stock a wide range of bedroom accessories you could use. 

Final Thoughts

Bedrooms can easily become the most expensive rooms in an entire house. The bedding items, lighting, accessories, and painting required to bring the room to life and ensure a good night’s sleep can cost thousands of dollars. However, you can still achieve amazing results without breaking the bank by following the tips described in this guide.