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3 Types of Roof Functional by Their Design

We consider replacing our roof because either it is in constant need of repair or we just want our home to have a fresh look that will last for generations. For those in the area, roofing contractor northern va will provide the service of home improvement and renewal when you have an inadequate or tired-looking roof.

Pitched Roof

In terms of how it looks, a pitched roof is undoubtedly more attractive to look at. The greater the slope, the more attractive householders will declare it to be. Curves in everything are considered a good thing. For instance, there will be many who say that our vehicles are all starting to look the same. This is because a certain shape will work best in terms of its aerodynamics. However, it does not create such a pleasing look for most of us and it can mean that it is difficult to distinguish our car from all the others in the car park. It is the same with roofs – the variety of different sloped roofs creates the variety that we all crave to make our roof and our home look different from everyone else’s around us. We, after all, want it to have curb appeal.

In a practical sense, too, a pitched roof will deflect rainwater and snow and prevent both from collecting on the rooftop. The greater the slope, the more effective this becomes. If water can collect on a roof there is a chance that the water will damage the roof and start to seep inside a house. Flat roofs are notorious for this, but they do have their advantages, too, which we shall discuss in the next section.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs have the advantage of being the cheapest roofs to build. This is in terms of materials and time. They are also easy to access and provide a wonderful view. Alternatively, for anyone at one with the environment, you can create a green roof where plants grow on top of your roofing material. This looks visually pleasing and will provide everyone with extra oxygen and a better quality of air to breathe. Why waste the excess oxygen that plants produce from the process of photosynthesis by only having them planted at ground level?

Types of Roof

Ignoring the flat roof, to address the statement of this article, we shall now explore three types of pitched roofs that you might like to choose between. This is not to deter you from the flat roof that serves a purpose, too, but to satisfy the variety we all crave. In all cases, a Macomb roofing company you hire would be able to build any type of roof you desire.

Bonnet Roofs – If you happen to be visiting the UK, this is not something to be confused with the hood of a car. The main feature of this kind of roof is its twin slopes which will incline at differing angles. This creates a nice look and can deal effectively with the elements.

Gable Roofs – If you have the desire to go more traditional, then a gable roof might be your preferred option so that you have a slope. They are also referred to as peaked roofs, depending on where you are from. They are easily distinguishable because of their triangular outlines. This is a clue to its shape.

Hip Roofs – This is the ultimate choice when it comes to weather and a desirable look. Its four-way slope is much more stable than most other roof types and will allow both water and snow to run off or drain from it with ease. This type of roof also provides the bonus of more ventilation and space when it comes to your attic. Who would not desire more storage space?

With all these roof types, it is a good idea to find online pictures to give you a better idea of the shapes that we are describing here. Also, your roofing contractor will be able to give you access to the designs that they work from and the choice you have. There are too many sloped roofs to mention in just one article, which is the reason why you may find that you are creating a different type of roof from others around you in many cases. It is worth checking out the roofs around you so that you can see how they compare and look on an actual house, rather than rely on just a description or schematic representation.

To conclude, you can now hopefully glean that a pitched or sloped roof will provide you with a wonderful choice when it comes to pleasing the eye and beating the enemy of the weather, which cannot always be our friend.