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Smoking Risks: Why Vaping is Better

If you don’t smoke yourself, you likely know someone who does. There are millions of people around the world who smoke cigarettes daily. Unfortunately, many of these people don’t want to admit that it can lead to substantial health problems, as well as increasing your risk of developing more than 50 health conditions. If you’re not careful, it could maybe even lead to death. 

Now, this article isn’t here to scare you, it is here to simply inform you of the damage it can cause, as well as how vaping, which can be done through a vape cart, might be your better option. If you want to learn more, this article could be well worth the read.


Unsurprisingly, smoking can increase the possibility of you having to battle cancer. It can cause more than 7-10 cases of lung cancer, with this type of disease being the most common cause of cancer. Not only that, but it can cause at least 15 other types of cancer, including that of the bowel. It causes this disease by first releasing 5,000 different chemicals, which enter through your lungs, and could affect your whole body. Furthermore, many of these released chemicals have been known to damage our DNA, placing particular focus on the parts that protect our bodies against cancer. The rest of the released components also make it harder for our cells to enhance our fight against this horrible disease. Once this DNA has been damaged, the likelihood of it causing cancer is increased. 

Many people have been diagnosed with cancer and have survived, but unfortunately, this won’t be the case for everyone. But if you know this can happen, it may affect your decision on whether to quit or not.  

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease, or CHD, is another major cause of death worldwide that can be caused by smoking. As well as being referred to as CHD, it can sometimes be called Ischaemic Heart Disease or Coronary Artery Disease. Some symptoms of this disease can include chest pain, shortness of breath, and feeling nauseous. CHD occurs when your blood supply is blocked or interrupted by fatty substances in the coronary arteries, hence its name. Atherosclerosis, whichoccurs when the walls of your arteries become furred with fatty deposits, is most likely caused by various lifestyles such as smoking and drinking. 

To treat this disease, it is recommended for you to stop smoking if you smoke regularly, as well as exercising and trying different medical treatments. 


You may have seen many adverts on the television that include the symptoms of a stroke and what to do if you or someone you love ever suffers from one. The sooner treatment is administered, the more likely it is for you to make a full recovery. This life-threatening condition occurs when the bloody supply to your brain is cut off. There could be many numbers of reasons why you could experience a stroke, but if you are a smoker, the risk all but doubles. Whilst you may be a smoker that has never, or will never have a stroke, the best way to prevent this eventuality from happeningaltogether is to quit. Quitting can be hard, but it will be even harder to recover from a stroke, so make this decision wisely. 

Why Should You Turn to Vaping?

Described above are just some of the health risks that someone could face if they smoke regularly. Even though millions of people have already suffered from these devastating ailments, it doesn’t mean that it will happen to everyone. With that being said, quitting smoking will help to reduce the chances of you suffering from these diseases considerably. Getting your hands on the right vape kit, plus cartridges, and e-juices that don’t include nicotine, but instead are infused with enjoyable tastes, will inevitably mean that you won’t be inhaling all the harmful chemicals that nicotine cigarettes carry. Therefore, this can protect your body against these ingredients. Statistics show that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, so if you are serious about improving your overall health and wellbeing, it may be in your best interest to give vaping a go. If you find that vaping is the right path for you, online shops are available to fulfil your needs. Websites such as Buy Vapes Bulk might be the best choice if you would like to order in larger quantities, rather than keep re-ordering your supply.

Of course, the final decision falls to you. No one can force you into turning to vaping and quitting smoking. But if you carefully read all the facts and get all the information you need, you will be able to make an informed and concise decision yourself. Either way, you just need to make sure that you keep an eye on any potential health problems so you can treat them before they get worse.