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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance as a Working Parent

Being a working parent is no easy task and can become a juggling act of taking care of the kids, holding down a full-time job and keeping house, which can all become completely overwhelming. It is important to realise that you cannot be in several places at once and can only fulfil what our schedule allows, yet you may feel pressured to manage it all. For the sake of your own health and wellbeing, it is important to strike a better work-life balance so you are able to make the most out of life. In this guide, we are going to look at how you can achieve it:

1. Get help around the house

After coming home from work and ensuring the kids are taken care of, the last thing you want to do is hours of domestic chores. This not only prevents you from spending precious time with family but will also leave you drained of energy. What if all the housework could be taken care of for you? The good news is that that it can be done for you. Simply hire a professional cleaning service, such as Cleaning Day, to keep on top of the chores so you have more free time to relax or enjoy hobbies. 

2. Use time-saving strategies 

One of the reasons why you may feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to get tasks done is because you are not making the most of your time. It would be a good idea to plan ahead and make tactical decisions to limit time spent on mundane tasks. 

One tip would be to consider purchasing your groceries online – in doing so, you do not have to venture to the supermarket and the order is delivered straight to your doorstep. What is more, you are unlikely to forget key items as your order is always retained on the system.

Another tip would be to hold business calls at a certain time of day so that they do not disturb the rest of your working day and you do not need to bring work home. 

3. Spend your free time on family activities

Make the most of your free time with the family by planning activities that everyone will enjoy. This does not necessarily mean having to spend a fortune – it may be as simple as playing a board game or taking a walk amongst nature to connect with each other and create lasting memories. 

4. Say ‘yes’ to less

Being a ‘yes’ person can bring about great opportunities, but it can also have the opposite effect in the sense of feeling forced to agree to every single invitation or favour asked of you. Sometimes, you may not have the energy or interest, but feel too scared to say ‘no’ in case you let anyone down. Remember, you have every right to put yourself first and acknowledge your limits. Pushing yourself to the extreme is never good for your health and wellbeing. Determine how much more you can integrate into your schedule and if it is too much, simply decline. Taking too much on means you are unable to get much-needed rest which allows you to stay fit, healthy and positive.