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Best Kanban Apps to Build Your Own Productivity

Kanban apps are becoming popular day by day due to their ability to visualize, organize and manage work effortlessly. They are awesome project management tools used for the proper allocation of works and get them done in time. Using Kanban apps can help a business reduce the wastage of time and work. Besides, they assist team members to focus more and ensure continuous delivery. Thus, Kanban apps facilitate a project in multiple ways. Do you want to try one? Let’s check out these best Kanban apps to increase your productivity.

Kanban Zone

If you prefer a simple yet powerful Kanban app, this app will be your best assistant. Kanban Zone lets you focus on the right work at an accurate time. It assists teamwork and provides analytics that help project managers for constant progress. It lets you track key metrics and visualize boards in single or multiple views. Users can align their organization according to their needs so that they can manage task dependencies more effectively. Besides, each member can track their progress on an individual timeline. You can check out the Kanban Zone review to see its efficiency. 


Trello is so popular due to its simplicity and usability. It is suitable to use for a mega project as well as for a home office. The app is full of essential features including task assignment, timeline, calendar, efficiency metrics, and more. Besides, you can customize those features based on your needs. Trello lets you control projects, sort out tasks, and keep all in a single place that builds team spirit. The app works based on block building to organize works. One of the good things is that the entire system is fully automated. So, you can focus more on work rather than coding. In sum, Trello provides everything a project manager may need.

Planview LeanKit

Complex projects need advanced Kanban tools to keep everything smooth. Planview LeanKit is a well-equipped Kanban app to manage enterprise-level projects. Using the tool helps project managers to track and manage the workflow visually. The app comes with general kanban elements like work visualization, Kanban board, and progress tracking. Besides, it has some rare and unique traits to make your project effortless. Some of those features include identifying risks to delivery, cross-team work connections, complex process mapping, and instant coffee! LeanKit also provides advanced reporting facilities so that you can set your object and track the key result. The app allows one month of free trial to examine its competence.


Pipefy is designed to make your business flow automated. It is particularly very effective for recruiting projects where you need to gather more data. Besides, Pipefy helps you to build repeatable workflows and manage new complexity in a project. It also allows tracking vendor requests easily and accurately. The app is quite good for saving time. You can set a workflow at once that is reusable for the next project. The most attractive thing about the app is its result report that shows faster ROI.