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How To Make A More Productive Home Office Environment

Although tentative steps are being taken to return to normal, heading back into the office for work is not on the cards for some businesses, at least not for the time being. With many continuing to work from home, having a space in your home that is conducive to a productive environment is key.

At the start of the pandemic, the first challenge many had to overcome was finding an area in their house that allows them to separate work life from their home life. Whilst you may have found an area to create a home office, you may find yourself beginning to struggle with being productive.

Office Supplies and Gadgets Necessary for your New Workplace

After spending almost over a year working within the same room, productivity levels for some might be dwindling slightly, in comparison to those who have increased their productivity levels working from home. One of the ways to help create a productive atmosphere, that allows you to focus on your work is by changing the location of your home office. You might find that the location it is in currently is having an impact on your concentration. However, if switching spaces is not possible, it might be worth implementing some of these change to your home office to see if it helps to create a more productive home office environment.

Positioning Your Desk

Whilst the position of your desk might not seem like it could impact your productivity levels, many have highlighted their improved concentration has come from altering where their desk is positioned. Facing a wall with limited contact with a window can help those who are distracted by things happening around them, whereas others prefer being near a window as the natural light helps them with their concentration.

Sitting at your desk is not the only option. In recent years, there has been a surge in people switching the traditional sitting at their desk to investing in a standing desk. Studies have shown that there are numerous benefits of a standing desk, which includes reducing back pain and boosting your mood and productivity levels. Fortunately, most standing desks are adjustable in their height, meaning that you have the option to stand or sit, so you can try the two styles to see which works best for you.

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Unsurprisingly, having a desk that is cluttered with pens, sticky notes, papers and empty coffee cups is going to be difficult to work with. It can deter your concentration and reduce your productivity levels. Instead, only have on your desk the items you need and reach for regularly. Anything that you do use but not regularly can be stored away in desk draws or folders, whilst items that are of no use, such as empty cups or information no longer needed can be thrown away. Having an organised desk will allow space for you to work and provide you with the space to think and be productive.

Block Out Outside Distractions

It is not just the sunlight that can be distracting (and blinding), anything occurring outside your window might tempt you to take a peak during working hours. It might be worth investing in some office blinds, to help block out the distractions happening outside your window. There are a variety of office blinds available, so it will be easy to find a set that will help to block out any disturbances as well as make a nice feature for your home office.

Be Comfortable

As you will be spending a significant portion of your day sitting down working, you must be comfortable whilst you work. It can be difficult to concentrate on your work whilst you are straining to see your computer or taking breaks due to the back pain you are experiencing.

It is worth swapping your dining room chair for an office chair that provides both comfort and support, allowing you to sit in an ergonomically correct position as you work from your desk. Investing in an office chair will help to reduce the breaks taken due to back pain and help you maintain a good posture as you work.

Aside from investing in a quality chair, the positioning of either your laptop screen or computer monitor also impacts your overall posture. If the screens are not at eye level, you may notice that you find yourself hunching over whilst you work. Adding a computer or laptop stand will allow you to maintain a good posture whilst you work. You may also find that it helps to improve your productivity levels due to the higher position your monitor is in.

After cultivating a workspace that sparks motivation, you may find that you are no longer struggling with the afternoon slump. Implementing larger alterations like adding office blinds or changing your chair, to smaller changes such as clearing your desk of unnecessary things and repositioning where your desk is can all significantly improve your productivity levels.