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Is this the end of promiscuity?

Life has changed so abruptly in such a short time that it seems almost impossible to assimilate ideas when there is still confinement and so many restrictive measures in so many places. It is such an extreme situation that it does not allow one to realise how to act or what elements to invent to get through the days without the previous routine. In addition, it also generates an emotional charge that negatively impacts anyone. 

Firstly, they took all the alcohol gel and toilet paper. Then came the confinement phases and mobility restrictions. Now, things are back to normal thanks to the vaccine, and with it comes evenings out, dinner dates with London escorts, and the renewed possibility of face-to-face sex with special precautions.

Stay at home as much as possible, don’t move around the office, avoid public transport, no bars or discos, no going out for a few beers after work. In other words, no plans, not even being able to see the family, as a gesture of love and respect is still recommended in many places.

There is not much to say in regards to life, as it is based on the same principles as before. So it is not surprising that for many people these changes are also directly affecting their sex life and their use of escort services in London.

In the light of all the doubts, fears, expectations and hopes, Skokka helps to clarify some points about sex in times of a pandemic. Will it be the end of promiscuity? It is not clear whether casual sex and the much-vaunted promiscuity will give way in its entirety to more stable relationships.

Naturally, with all the questions about how the coronavirus has been affecting life in these uncertain times, a shudder comes into play about what kind of long-term effects or impacts this pandemic may have on sexual lives. If anything has been learned, however, it is that nothing is concrete and forever.

As well as getting back to a normal life, what matters most is knowing how to manage the conditions so that the current situation can then be discussed in a more relaxed way.

Is sex coming back?

Sex returns, of course, albeit with much more care and even emotional involvement. Thus, wild sex gives way to quiet, more romantic dates. Of course, sex hookup sites are still running for those who are keen on still meeting someone this way. 

The beginning of the confinement made ideas get confused. That is, when terms such as “fuck-fest” came up, specifically in the context of how the triumphant and exciting return -in the imagination- to hook-ups with hot independent escorts in Leeds and sexual escapades will be, with the return to what is considered to be normality.

However, after the euphoria of stepping outside with the first rays of sunshine on the face, sex in times of a COVID-19 pandemic still holds a certain level of fear for most people (at least when it comes to talking openly about it). And that’s when the reduction of sex during the pandemic is a fact, with people looking for other ways to achieve pleasure, including things like the bangin betty stroker, until they are able to have sex again. 

For those who are locked into bachelorhood without gorgeous Dublin escorts, regular sex life becomes too risky. The same for those whose partners are absent or, at the time, tested positive for the virus. 

On the other hand, there are those who have the option of having more sex. Stable partners, even new ones, can take it differently and discover love in times of seclusion in the same residence. 

With the return to what is considered normal life, romantic dates take on a different meaning. In fact, social distancing makes it possible to regain interest in getting to know someone in a less superficial way. 

Seeking other forms of pleasure

If tongue kissing is to be avoided, for many people, sex loses some of the sense of passion that often comes with it. Meanwhile, as technology alters, adapts, and advances rapidly, the range of alternatives is incredibly diverse; from making use of Realistic Adult Sex Dolls in the covid-free sanctuary of your own home to online dating and meetings for socially distanced drinks. The possibilities are endless.

It is even difficult to think and imagine what society would have been like in times gone by with other major historical events when all one could do was wait for everything to happen. Fortunately, it is possible to have other relevant escapes from the established restlessness. 

This is when apps, dating portals and escort ads like the ones in Skokka, as well as many other options to meet and interact with other people around the world, gain power and a lot of space.

Promiscuity will hardly give way to a totally different life, although it can remain as such in the online world in the option of being something curious and fun.

It is considerably easy and practical. The person just has to know what they want, from meeting someone for an emotional release, to the most bestial online orgies. Yes, they exist and it’s no problem to indulge the deepest fantasies.