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Parimatch is a company that not only has redefined the concept of a bookmaker. This place has also established itself as an excellent technology company which applies all its skill and knowledge to many realms related to sports. Considering how many fronts Parimatch covers with its excellent skill set, it is natural that many people would like to contact Parimatch Tech. Before speaking about the actual means of communication, it is a good idea to mention what are the kind of jobs that Parimatch makes as a consortium:

  • sports betting;
  • online casino;
  • web development;
  • and lots of other important tasks where IT and big data technologies might be needed! 

Every person at Parimatch is looking forward to establishing contact with the rest of the world. They are eager to apply their knowledge, skill and talents to develop all kinds of platforms and help clients with anything that they might need related to sports and IT. 

However, Parimatch also has a few other interesting services that everybody can benefit from. Specifically, there is a tech academy also provided by the company. At this place, people from all over the world can develop and discover their hidden IT talents, and also they will be able to learn how to apply this incredibly valuable knowledge into the extremely competitive sports environment. Of course, someone wishing to enroll in the academy or inquire more about the available services, should definitely use the established methods of communication.

Establishing contact with Parimatch Tech

As the fantastic tech technology that it is, Parimatch Tech has established a wide range of methods of communication that people can use in order to inquire about its services, or get any other information that might be useful. 

Summarizing, people can elect to contact Parimatch via email. Normally answers through that means of communication will come within a few business days. They are the perfect method to contact the company in order to inquire about business opportunities or job prospects. 

On the other hand, it is also possible to contact the company via social networks and various web platforms. The most popular ones include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. The YouTube channel of Parimatch is particularly interesting. It frequently uploads new videos that show new trends and new technologies that are being researched and implemented at Parimatch. If anybody watching these videos feel that there might be a good chance to apply their skills into the technology that they are looking at, don’t hesitate to contact. 

For those who have more general questions or would like to get a faster response it is a good idea to use Facebook and Twitter. But of course, those social networks are not used merely as a messaging platform. Instead, people are also recommended to visit the official Parimatch Facebook and Twitter channels in order to see the new updates and news that are introduced by the company all the time. 

Finally, it is a good idea to speak about the LinkedIn platform and how Parimatch uses it. Of course, everybody knows that LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform, meaning that contacting Parimatch through that means is better for those wishing to inquire about job prospects or business opportunities. 

To conclude, contacting Parimatch Tech is extremely simple. The Cyprus-based company has done a fantastic job not only in offering a great platform and working in great research projects. This company has also done a fantastic job in showing itself to the rest of the world. This means that many people around the world might find some great opportunities in this place.