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Why Are Mediterranean Diets So Healthy?

The Mediterranean diet is one followed by many people, even those who have never been to a Mediterranean country. There are so many reasons for this: not only is Mediterranean food absolutely delicious, it is also super healthy. The Mediterranean countries are all countries that have a coastline joining with the Mediterranean Sea, which is a pretty big range. Therefore, each variation of the Mediterranean diet varies a little dependent on where you go. A lot of these diets involve quite a low intake of dairy and meat, which is generally thought to be a pretty healthy way to consume food, as animal products can be high in fats and cholesterol. Here are a couple of reasons why the Mediterranean diet is so healthy, and how you could take inspiration from it.

Fresh, Good Quality Food

Firstly, a lot of Mediterranean food is very fresh and local, which is always good for improving its quality and taste. In the UK, we are used to a lot of our foods being imported, butthis is less common in Mediterranean countries, since their weather conditions are pretty optimum for a lot of things to grow – so they can get a lot of it fresh from their doorstep. It also means that their foods are more likely to be organically grown – sometimes, you can even go to a restaurant that has fruits picked from their very own vineyard. To get a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle even if you aren’t lucky enough to be there under the sun, you can visit cafe-luca.co.uk in London and try the authentic, deep flavours they have to offer.


Mediterranean food is much less carb heavy than traditional English or American food, meaning it feels much healthier when you are eating it. Carbs are often what make you feel pretty bloated and uncomfortable, so without these, meals can feel much lighter. This originates from the fact that Mediterranean countries are a lot hotter, so the last thing you want to be eating is something heavy or greasy – most people would want to opt for a healthy salad. The ingredients are much less processed in general too, which makes it much healthier to consume. 

Smaller, Frequent Meals

People who follow the Mediterranean diet often go for more frequent, but smaller meals rather than the three large meals that we are used to. Eating throughout the day but not eating so much is good for your metabolism and can train your body to break down foods more easily. This is where the idea of the Spanish tapas originates from, which allows you to have little bits of food but not have a huge, filling meal. 

The Mediterranean diet is definitely one you should try out if you haven’t already, especially in the summer time. Trying out new foods and new ways of eating is one of the highlights of travelling – but even if you cannot go abroad, why not bring the food to you?