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Your Perfect Home Office

If there’s one thing we learned from the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s that we no longer need to commute to an office every day to do our jobs.  When the pandemic swept across the UK in spring 2020, businesses were forced to find ways for their employees to work remotely. This created often major challenges for us all when we had to find space to work within our homes.

Home offices are a luxury that most of us didn’t give a thought to before. These days they have become a staple of our modern working life. Working from your laptop in the kitchen might have been acceptable for a while, but by now it’s becoming clear that you need a more long-term solution for your home workstation. If you don’t have the space in your house for your dream office, consider moving it out of your house altogether like where many people with bespoke garden rooms in Berkshire UK or wherever they are based do their work.

Setting up your office in outside your house in a dedicated garden room can solve all of your home-office problems. There are a range of garden room ideas that could be your ideal office solution.  

Whether you create an office in your spare bedroom or a bespoke garden room, here are the top 3 essentials for your professional workspace.

1.  Clear the Clutter

A tidy office equals a tidy mind.  Your space might be limited, but remember that your office is a working space, not a storage space. Find a place where you can fit some storage to stash your equipment and documents.

2.  Privacy

Interrupted meetings might have been funny at the beginning of lockdown, but now you need to be able to concentrate. To work from home permanently you need a quiet, private space where you can think, work and have conversations.  

3.  Designated workspace

Working from home can be difficult and stressful if you have to share your space. Even worse is not being able to close the door and leave it behind at the end of the day. Draw a clear line between your work and personal life by keeping your office separate from your house.

Don’t have room in your house for a dedicated office?  Your ideal workspace can be set up right in your garden with a modern garden office. You can design your own space to ensure you have all the light, privacy, comfort and storage that you need for your custom-made work-from-home solution. Best of all, you can choose the perfect door to close at the end of your work day.  

Working from home may not have been what you planned, but with the right office space it could turn out to be better than you ever imagined.