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Instagram: Is This Something You Should Be Using?

Instagram has been one of the most popular apps in the world for a few years now. But still, many of us dads don’t have our own profiles. It’s something that we might think our kids use but doesn’t have much use for us. Believe it or not, Instagram can actually be a great app to download onto your phone and use here and there. Of course, many people use it a little more seriously than that. Instagram growth and following are important to both individuals and businesses all over the world, with many users looking to use Instagram growth services to help them become more popular online. As there are a lot of these around, reading pages like the Trusy Social reviews is important when it comes to understanding which service will be the most beneficial to you. Instagram is a favorite in the social media world, here are just some of the ways that it can benefit you!

On a Personal Level

Largely speaking, Instagram is a personal app where you can share your life with your nearest and dearest. It has countless benefits on a personal level, which we will run through below!

A Journal

Instagram can work as a sort of journal, providing you with a space where you can post your pictures and scroll through them for years to come. If you’re wondering what you were up to this time last year, you can simply go back through your feed and take a look! You can also learn how to put multiple pictures on instagram story and keep these as reels or highlights of fond memories.

Keeping In Touch

As we grow older, many of us find that we tend to fall out of touch with people we might have previously spent time with. This is just a standard part of life. Work becomes more demanding. We have families to spend time with and look after. Our social time becomes limited. But this doesn’t mean that we necessarily want to fall completely out of touch with everyone. It’s still good to know what others are doing with their lives and to casually and quickly share what we’re doing with our own. This is where Instagram can come into play. Instagram can be used as a simple way to notify or update everyone who follows your profile. If you have a big announcement, you can create a post celebrating it and you’ll automatically inform everyone on your follower list. If you simply want to show what you’re up to, this can work in the same way.

News and Events Updates

Chances are, your favourite sports teams, music artists, film stars, political leaders and other icons have Instagram pages. By following them, you can keep up to date on the latest news and what’s going on in the world. By having an Instagram page and following the right profiles, you can be the first to know about new releases, tickets going on sale and more.

On a Professional Level

Of course, if you own a small business, or you’re starting up your own venture, Instagram can come in useful for more professional purposes too. This may sound odd. As we’ve highlighted above, Instagram is a platform that many of us use to share personal things. Pictures of our loved ones, what we’re doing, where we’re spending time. But believe it or not, Instagram is also an extremely powerful business tool. It’s something that any major business is pouring a lot of time and investment into, as well as something that smaller businesses are profiting from massively. Here’s some more information to help you decide whether Instagram could be good for you in this way too!

Determining Your Audience

If you have a small business, chances are, you already know your target demographic. If this age group is the elderly, chances are, they don’t have an Instagram profile and you needn’t create a page for your business. However, pretty much any other target demographic probably does have Instagram, so it’s worth setting up!

Setting Up a Profile

Next, set up a profile. Try to make your @ (or username) your business name. If this is already taken, try to get something as close to your business name as possible. For example, if your shop is called bait and sells fishing tackle, and the username bait is already taken, try @baitfishingtackle.

Creating Content

You now need to create content for your feed. Take images of your products and write short descriptions and captions of each. Post lifestyle shots if possible too, to make your products seem more real.

Gathering a Following

Now, you may naturally attract a following through good quality content alone. But you can draw in extra followers by hosting competitions. Try to use a format that encourages people to follow your page, tag a friend in a comment and share your post to their story for an entry. This will share your profile around and encourage more people to get to know your brand. You can also consider using different tools to try and gain likes and followings. However, some sites may say “do not use Like4Like” or “stay away from this” based on reviews they have done. Although I cannot give reviews on tools, be sure to look around at other reviews and make your own decision!

As you can see, Instagram can have benefits for you in a number of ways. Hopefully, some of the information provided above will help you to use it in a way that’s beneficial to you and your lifestyle!