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The benefits of an electric towel rail

Electric towel rails are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of their benefits. Electric towel rails are practical, stylish, and efficient as a bathroom design feature, and in addition, they have the power to heat a bathroom space. The size and arrangement of the area and the quantity of warmth you want are all important considerations when considering whether they are the best option for you.

So, before you start considering the decision of buying the Electric towel rail, let’s read about what are the benefits of having an electric towel rail in your bathroom?

2 in 1 Heating: Towels and Bathrooms

Because most bathrooms, regardless of size, are rarely exposed to sunlight, so they are naturally cold. The Electric towel rail’s heat not only keeps the bathroom area warm but also warms your towels. Let’s imagine; there’s nothing more relaxing than coming out of the shower and enveloping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel. 

Perfect Choice For Small Bathrooms

Electric towel rails are immediately useful in recruiting little bathroom heating solutions due to their subtle design when compared to radiators. There are a variety of wall-mounted towel rails available as well, which help maximize space. They will certainly be utilized as the principal source of warmth in a small bathroom or ensuite area, rather than just to dry towels.

Energy-Efficient Choice

Most Electric towel rails use between 60 and 120 watts, making them a far more energy-efficient method to keep your towels dry and warm as compared to your ducted heating orradiator heater. The energy economy of the Electric towel rails can also be improved by installing a timer, which allows the rail to be customized to suit your lifestyle rather than being left on all day. This is more efficient since less heat is lost to the surrounding room. When you put a towel over the rails, the heat is contained inside the towel, raising the temperature to roughly 50-55 degrees. In addition, you will also save water and electricity by not having to wash or dry your towels as often if you keep them dry between usage.

Convenient Design

Electric towel rails come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they give a fashionable touch to any bathroom, whether you want traditional sophistication or contemporary style. Electric towel rails can be a striking decorative element in the bathroom. Depending on your personal style, modern designs might be bold and eye-catching, or sleek. There are options for any home, from single rungs to full ladder rails, stainless steel, to black finishes.

Electric towel rails are no longer considered a luxury item but rather a practical and easy way to keep your towels warm and dry during the winter months. Many of the towel rails feature a classic ladder design that allows you to hang numerous towels to dry at the same time, ready for when you need them.

Smart Control

One of the best features of smart control is that it allows you to configure your heating via your phone, allowing for sophisticated heat management that was previously unavailable. You just need to simply download a suitable app and sync it with your towel rail to make simple modifications with a few screen taps. Not only is this method of control more convenient, but it’s also extremely user-friendly.

You may also set up a heating plan to match if you need your bathroom heated or towels dry at specific times during the week. As a result, you won’t waste electricity by running your towel rail at inconvenient times, resulting in lower energy consumption and operating costs for a more efficient system overall.

Zone Heating Management 

Electric towel rails can be controlled independently, allowing you to save energy by not heating the entire house simply to keep your bathroom warm. It also means that if you have one towel rail in your main bathroom and another in your ensuite, you may program each one individually to fulfill the needs of each space.


There is a selection of Electric towel rails available that can be programmed by Bluetooth or WiFi. There is truly something to suit every bathroom with a variety of finishes and sizes, regardless of the interior design concept. So why not browse the different options of Electric towel rails today to find the perfect heating option for your bathroom.