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The Top 3 Ways to Take Care of a Newly Adopted Pet

If you are due to adopt or have very recently adopted or rescued an animal from one of the numerous animal shelters across the United Kingdom or from a private home thatcannot look after the animal properly anymore, you will already be aware of how much love and patience your new furry friend deserves.

Here are the top three ways to best take care of a newly adopted pet.

1. Patience

When you first bring your new animal home from the rescue centre, it is crucial to give them the space and time to acclimatise to their new surroundings. However long or short the drive back home felt for you, it would have been much more daunting and would have felt considerably longer for them, and it is vital to carry them to a quiet, cool room immediately. 

Ideally, you should have already set up a secure pen where they can rest and recuperate from their journey, with a bowl of fresh water and some plain food. However tempting it will naturally be to fuss and stay with them, for their own good,leave them on their own to calm down, drink some water and rest before proper interaction between you and your petbegins.

2. Love

Whether your new furry friend has been mistreated by cruel, soulless humans or has come from a loving home where their old owner could no longer look after them properly, the second most important thing after time to settle in is to afford them unconditional love – on their own terms. 

Some animals, just like humans, have shy, retreating personalities, whereas others are more confident and even boisterous. Contrary to popular belief, an animal’s personality is far less to do with species or breed and far more to do with how they are treated and how much respect they are afforded by their human. 

Be patient when bonding with your new pet, and be sure never to force interaction, especially with smaller animals like rabbits or young kittens and puppies. Animals are naturally curious, so the best way to introduce yourself is to sit or liedown on the floor and allow them to take their time in coming to you. Obviously, of course, some tasty but healthy treats in your hand are more than likely to aid this process, such as natural dog treats, toys filled with catnip, and for bunnies, small pieces of carrot or banana.

3. Register with a Vet

Ideally, before you collect your newly adopted pet or, if not immediately after you bring them home, it is vital to register with a local, species-specific veterinarian as soon as possible. Not only that, it is also strongly advisable to take out extensive insurance for the animal in the event of a health problem. This is even more important when adopting and rehoming, as they may have hidden health defects and issues as a result of their previous living conditions.