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What Makes A Good Office Space

A beautifully designed office space often has the potential to inspire productivity, creativity and effective collaboration among the employees, but unfortunately, creating this balance is not always the easiest of endeavours.

A good office space requires a commitment to detail, an acute awareness of company culture, and of course, an understanding of the needs of the individual employee. 

If you were hoping to create the best possible office space in time for a post-pandemic working world, here are some points you might want to think about. 

Putting Safety First

Health and safety are top priorities in the minds of many workers in today’s climate, so making sure to promote an environment where everyone feels free from potential hazards is essential. 

Raising awareness by writing new health and safety policies and COVID-19 statements might be a good place to start, as is setting up signage and floor markings to help your staff observe the current social distancing measures. 

Hand sanitising stations and the introduction of a one-way system may also be factors worth thinking about, as this can supply people with a clear sense of direction throughout their working day. 


Many businesses have managed to successfully carry out their daily operations in a remote capacity, which is worth bearing in mind when designing your new office to cater for an unfamiliar future. 

For example, giving employees the freedom to choose remote working when possible may be crucial in the reintroduction process. Similarly, the great hot-desking options available at thebrew.co.uk could be well-worth looking into, as it can allow you to free up space for your employees and let you utilise a flexible desk system should you need it. 

Private Areas

Sometimes, employees can find themselves caught in the midst of a difficult working day, which has the potential to become overwhelming in a fairly short amount of time. 

This is one of the reasons why implementing private areas or office pods for staff members to cool off in can greatly improve the quality of your office space. 

Moreover, this area can be used for important phone calls that need to take place away from the buzz of a busy office. 

The Colour Scheme

Contrary to what some designers might say, an office space does not have to be completely devoid of colour, style and class. In fact, a splash of colour has the potential to lighten the mood entirely. 

A burst of colour, even if it happens to be a brilliant red on a single wall, can add character, charm and individuality to your space, without having to renovate the entire office. 

Letting in the Light

The more natural light you can let in the better, as it has the ability to increase productivity while generally providing a healthy atmosphere. 

If this is not possible, working on creating the right level of light with artificial measures is essential in maintaining a good office space that people want to work in. Darkened corners and dimly lit meeting rooms can suck the life out of a situation without even trying. 

Listen to Your Employees

Taking employee feedback on board can be a superb way to create an office environment that everyone feels comfortable in, so promoting the value of conversation is a must.