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Try These Demanding Sports To Test Your Stamina And Strength

In the current world, the importance of fitness has become a manifold for people. People are paying much attention to their bodies and the way they look. For this reason, the gyms and fitness centers are at an immense advantage. But let us give you another piece of information here! Going to the gym, lifting heavy weights, and consuming protein shakes is not the only way to gain a perfect body. Or in other words, it is not the only way to build strength and endurance. 

Participating in sports is also an impeccable way to lose fat and enhance stamina. There is a need for more and more people to engage in physical activities – not only for their benefit but also for creating awareness around them. 

Let’s face it – sports activities require a certain level of endurance. And here we have come up with the activities that need a high level of endurance and have a hand in making you a fitter and a fresher person. Are you up to know them? Scroll down a bit and let your inner sportsperson come out with these enduring activities.


Many people think that swimming is easy. But it only seems easy when you are having a relaxing time in the pool. Competing against the swimmers and completing laps of the same swimming pool is a demanding activity. It requires a lot of stamina and no doubt that it tests the strength of your entire body. It comes under one of those sports where the body gets really exhausted even in the early stages. 

As you have to be under the water for long hours, therefore it is very common to get muscle cramps. Hence, endurance is the key to stick to this sport. Experts recommend doing extensive upper body workouts and paying attention to the breathing exercises to build this endurance. Besides, proper eating patterns containing low fats and exercises on a regular treadmill ensure good health for a swimmer. The quality of the swimwear also has an impact on your performance. As these swimwears are tight on the body, it helps to make you more streamlined in the water.


Cricket is a demanding sport not only for the batsmen but for the other players as well. It is needless to say that the batsmen have to run between the wickets to score the runs. Hence, stamina is their priority. And when we talk about test matches, the need for stamina becomes all the more important. The reason is that the test match can go on for three or more days; therefore, it is the ultimate check of endurance for the cricketers.  

Additionally, the performance in this sport depends upon multiple factors like the quality of the equipment, the type of pitch, and so on. It is said that a heavier bat should deliver faster hit balls. This means if a player swings the heavy bat with a great swing speed, the ball will reach farther. On the other hand, it requires a lot of effort to swing a heavy bat rather than a lightweight bat. Hence, players need to maintain a balance between the speed of the batted ball and the bat swing speed. So, as per cricket bats Kent manufacturer, a suitable bat weight will ensure the right development and performance without leading to any uncertain injuries. Likewise, protective gears and pitch conditions can also help with the proper endurance training.


Strong focus and instant foot movement – this is what defines the next sport, volleyball. To be good at it, you need to have an excellent lower body starting from the waist. The frequent jumps to hit the ball with full force are highly challenging for the back and waist of the players.

Hence to enhance the endurance for this sport, coaches recommend doing jogging and other cardiovascular exercises. Plank exercises and jumping ropes are recommended to strengthen the flexibility part.


Kicking a ball to score a goal is what makes this game called football. However, grave injuries on the field are not new to this sport. Why is this so? Most cases are due to a lack of sufficient stamina. It has been seen that at times players pull their anterior cruciate ligament or hamstrings by mistake, which leads to injury.

Thus, a hardcore training session is necessary to boost endurance power. Jogging, push-ups, laps are the exercises, to name a few, that are useful in building strength.


Squash demands not only physical fitness but also mental alertness. Why is this so? Because you have to ensure contact with the ball and the racquet, plus you need to anticipate the position from where you are going to make your next hit. Not only this, but you also need to try to get into another player’s head. This should be done to make them think that you are going to hit the ball a certain way, but in reality, you will do the opposite. This way you will be able to score well. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that this game tests physical as well as mental ability.   

The point to note here is that you will have to face arm injuries if you do not pay attention to the training. Sometimes the injuries might become severe enough that could prevent the players from playing the game ever again. Moreover, to play your best, always get a quality racquet with proper string tension as it impacts your game. Sports professionals recommend getting a squash racquet of string tension around 26 lbs, which is neither too loose nor too tight.

To sum it up all

There is no denying the fact that having an outstanding level of endurance is supreme for diving into the era of activities as mentioned above. So, build a fabulous physique as well as a top-notch level of stamina with these activities, and you will be fitter than ever before. 

After all, Gautam Buddha can’t be more right when he said – 

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”