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The best ways to add space to your house

Regardless of whether you are looking to sell your house, or whether you just need more space or a change of scenery, adding rooms to your property will add value, make it more desirable to others and make it more liveable for you and your family.

There are different ways to improve your living space, either by adding to the exterior of your property, by converting the areas that are already in existence or by making use of wasted areas within your grounds. Read on for some tips on how to add space to your house.

Adding to the exterior of your house

If you have a good-sized garden, adding a conservatory could be ideal. With a conservatory, you can enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather outside, and these rooms can be used for multiple uses, such as dining rooms or additional living rooms.

There are a lot of styles available on the market, so there is bound to be one that suits your house, taste and pocket. If your house is based in the Stourbridge area, then you may like to take a look at conservatories Stourbridge to see what is on offer. There are not only conservatories with a choice of either warm roofs or the traditional glass roofs available, but orangeries as well.

Using space that is already part of your house

Within most homes, there is a lot of wasted space that could be better utilized by being made into liveable areas. These areas include lofts and garages. 

Lofts tend to be used as a dumping ground for just about everything that will fit through the hatch. Many people are totally unaware of what their loft actually contains, as items are put there for safekeeping and then totally forgotten about;and do not get to venture out again until they are moved into another house – and are then probably put straight into that loft, too.

Therefore, going through your loft can be a voyage of discovery in and of itself. Being able to open the loft up and make it into a useable part of the house is a very good idea, and depending on how large your house is, it could increase your living area by a full luxury master suite, a bedroom or more.

Finding room for a staircase need not be a worry as there are plenty of different types available on the market today – from large jaw-dropping ones through to the small, space-saving ones, which are more of a cross between ladders and stairs.

Another area that tends to be ill-used in today’s world is the garage. This could be a fantastic area to convert, as a single integral or attached garage can make the perfect dining room or home office – or even a downstairs bedroom; whereas a large double garage could be a truly luxurious living room or master bedroom.

Consider adding a garden room 

If you already have a conservatory, and you still have plenty of garden or you have other areas of your garden with good views, maybe a garden room is more suitable.

Garden rooms can have a multitude of different uses. If you have enough space and the money, a garden room with a heated indoor pool could certainly make your friends and family envious. You will also enjoy it if you have views which can be enjoyed while you are taking a well-earned dip in your pool after a hard day at work.