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Working From Home This Summer? These Ideas Will Keep the Kids Occupied

More of us than ever are working from home, and if you’re a parent who’s trying to balance little ones and your deadlines, you’ll know more than anyone how much of an adjustment the last few months have been.

While we’re usually forgiven for the occasional interruption on our weekly Zoom calls – whether it’s the kids arguing, asking you for a snack or simply running around in the background, when the kids are home for the summer break, the idea of trying to keep them busy whilst you hit targets and maintain your job 40 hours a week, can feel overwhelming.

This is why planning ahead as much as possible is essential for these next few weeks. In this post, we’ll share with you some great at-home activities that will keep your little ones occupied, whilst you close those deals, smash those targets and hopefully make it through your next meeting without interruption! Let’s go.

Printable Activity Packs

By having plenty of activities to hand, you can quickly keep the kids occupied whilst you speak with your team about the latest figures. Creating activity packs means heading online and printing off a variety of (free) pages that have everything from colouring and drawing activities, to number and word games, spot the difference, dot-to-dot, and plenty more. You can create packs to suit the ages of your children and bring them out when you need to get stuff done. Just remember to keep your ink supply high with hp ink from printerinks.com. Keep a good supply of pens and crayons available too – it’ll stop them arguing over who gets what colour pencil!


While not being able to read to them in person can make you feel guilty, your kids can still get their literary fix by listening to audio versions of their favourite tales. You’ll find a wealth of audiobooks available online, often read by celebrities or famous voices. And what’s more, most audiobook providers come with a free trial, which means if your kids aren’t keen on the idea, you won’t lose anything.

Help Them Engage With Imaginative Play

When kids and little ones have access to plenty of activities, most of them will happily play for hours. Setting them up with some imaginative play ideas is a great way to keep them occupied and entertained while you work. Update their dressing up box with new outfits and old clothes you and your partner no longer want. You could even help get their pretend world going by setting up a home corner, a pretend restaurant or a vet clinic where their toys can come for a health check!

Don’t Be Guilty About Screen Time

We all know that children should have limited screen time, and this is fine. But if you’re working from home and feeling the strain, you shouldn’t feel guilty about letting them have a little more than usual. Just make sure they know that it’s a special treat and not to expect it every day!

Final Thoughts…

Working from home and handling childcare isn’t easy, but with the right approach and planning, it’s manageable. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family if you need additional support.