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Home Electrical Jobs to Leave to an Electrician

There are many general DIY jobs around the home that we will tackle, but very few electrical jobs that we should consider a job for us. It is always best to hire a professionally qualified electrician when electricity is involved. If you visit https://electriccitycorp.com/locations/minneapolis-mn/, you can find out more about a specialist company that you can use in Minneapolis.

This article will consider the types of jobs electricians will carry out and why.

Jobs You Can Tackle Yourself

The only electrical jobs a DIYer or non-qualified electrician should carry out are minor repairs and like-for-like alterations involving adding extras or moving. This might relate to lights, switches, or plug sockets. Anything else, you should call one of the registered electricians in Sydney, or wherever you are, to come out and do the job safely for you.

Changing Old or Damaged Wiring

A definite job for an electrician is when old wiring needs to be replaced. Generally, house wiring will last for 20 years or more, and often 40 years, but you should have it checked by a qualified electrician to make sure. Particularly if you have recently bought the house and it is a period property. Cables will inevitably begin to break down over time. You should be aware, too, that certain animals are fond of chewing cables. These include squirrels, mice, rats, bats, raccoons, and possums. Principally rodents with sharp teeth and claws. It is worth investing in ways of keeping them out of your attic.

Areas Subject to Water

The areas around your home where water is involved, as electricity and water do not mix, should be attended to by an electrician from somewhere like Sunshine electrical when it comes to installation or maintenance. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, or outside areas.

Fitting a new bathroom or kitchen will not just be about sorting a new bath and cupboards out but re-installing or installing new equipment relating to showering, cooking, refrigerating, and heating water. It will be necessary to seek the help of both a qualified electrician and plumber so that you have everything installed correctly and safely. The work will then be guaranteed for a certain length of time too. This is peace of mind as a safe and cost-effective approach.


Any job that you feel uncertain about, you should not be attempting without help from a Charlotte. NC electrician, or an electrician near you. Unless you know a house well, you cannot be sure whether there are cables behind walls in certain places. You do not want to accidentally drill into these cables. Some gadgets will detect cables but it is always better to play safe and get an electrician involved. It is also a good idea to ask questions when an electrician is visiting so that you can get a handle on just where your wires are. It is better to ask someone who knows and is in your house, rather than thinking that an internet tutorial may relate to your house as well as it does the person demonstrating, whichever house they are demonstrating.

If you have recently moved from a different part of the world, then you are likely to be unfamiliar with the electrics of your home. For instance, American appliances will run on 110 volts, whereas for European ones it is 220 volts. For the UK, it is 240 volts. The frequency for the US is 60 HZ compared to 50 HZ for the UK. So, if you are unfamiliar with your country’s electrical standards, you need an electrician to help you perhaps understand more basic things than if you had lived in a country for a while. Do not be afraid to ask and to hire an electrician no matter how small the job seems. They are the experts and we cannot be expected to know anything at all about something that is outside our area of expertise.

In summary, only consider tackling minor electrical jobs at home, and only when you are familiar with a country’s electrical systems. Avoid jobs involving rewiring or where water is involved and leave these to qualified electricians. If you are at all uncertain, and in most situations involving electricity, it is better to play safe and hire an electrician. You will also end up with a better job at the end that will last. Be sure to have your wiring checked regularly for safety and to look for signs of animal intrusion in your attic.