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Elegance For Men, It Starts With A Good Shoe

For a man, elegance inevitably comes from a good pair of shoes. It is therefore difficult to save on men’s shoes which are “dressed”. The occasions to use these vary from person to person, and the number of pairs in the closet is often proportional. But what does not vary is the care that must be taken when choosing these shoes for men. This article will therefore review the types of dress shoes, how to choose the right model and finally the details that should not be overlooked when choosing. These are clearly part of the essentials of the men’s wardrobe, including a good jacket, cufflinks, a nice watch and of course a good leather wallet. Certain parts are frankly safe values. Let’s have a look at some of the popular fashion trends for men’s shoes.


First of all, we can talk about moccasins. These low shoes without laces really took off in the 1960s in the United States. In this family of dress shoes, there are different types, the most iconic of which are tassel moccasins, horsebit moccasins or even Penny Loafers. Both chic and relaxed, they are perfect for summer. Often cataloged as casual shoes, they are more formal when they are equipped with a metal strap;  making them the ideal driving shoes.

The Richelieu

When it comes to traditional English shoe making, there are many wonderful styles. However, the Oxford shoe is one of the most timeless shoe models. Born in the 15th century, it was rediscovered by students of the University of Oxford in the 19th century. This classic, also low, is a must-have for dress shoes. The Oxford shoe has a minimalist shape and “closed” lacing. Its strength is to adapt to a lot of outfits.  

The derby shoe

The latter is quite close in the form of the Richelieu. The major difference is in the lacing, which is open for the derbies. This type of shoe was created in the 1860s and democratized during the twentieth century. Originally, the derby shoe was used for outdoor activities such as hunting but they can work for many different trends today.

Chelsea Boots

Many men are huge fans of these very practical shoes for the autumn time. Although they can also be worn by women! Of English origin, the Chelsea boots are without decoration or perforations, which gives them a very refined look. Chelsea boots with their elastic bands placed on their sides, go perfectly with raw jeans and give a little London style to your outfit. Bundstone has a great selection of Chelsea boots for men and women, also worth checking out!


Last example of dress shoes that can complete your shoe closet: Slippers. Initially, the latter were intended for the aristocracy. Classically, this lightweight velvet shoe model comes in monochrome tones. To be a little more funky, Slippers are now available in various colors, materials, even with embroidery. Some are made by the biggest designers. There is really plenty to find with this design and lots of inspiration to find online. They can look stylistic and cool. Is it time to buy a new pair of shoes?