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Slapped With a Speeding Ticket? 7 Preventative Tips to Avoid It in the Future

Depending on how fast a driver is going, speeding tickets can quickly get very expensive. However, other than buying a car that doesn’t look like it could go fast, there are things that drivers can do to avoid getting a ticket. When you’re driving, use the following tips to help prevent being pulled over and given a speeding ticket.

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1. Stick With the Speed Limit 

The easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket is to simply avoid speeding. This way, there’s no need to learn how to fight a speeding ticket, since the driver will be going the speed limit and won’t be pulled over or given a speeding ticket. However, speeding does happen, so there are other things to do to prevent a ticket. 

2. Stick With the Flow of Traffic

Sometimes, the flow of traffic is going higher than the speed limit. It’s better to stick with the flow of traffic, as a slower vehicle can be a hazard. It’s a good idea to go at the same speed as the majority of the drivers, not try to pass and go faster in front of them. Officers will not likely give tickets to everyone if the flow of traffic is higher than the speed limit. If you do get stopped and issued with a ticket, however, you may be able to fight speeding ticket charges by arguing that the car behind you was pushing you forward, and it would have been dangerous to slow down in that moment.

3. Learn About Local Speed Traps

Speed traps are areas where the speed limit is lower than expected or where the speed suddenly decreases with little to no warning. Often, officers will be present in these areas because they know it’s a good place to give out speeding tickets and to work on making sure drivers know what the correct speed limit is for the area. 

4. Stay Aware of Surroundings

Always be aware of what is going on both on the road and off of it. Keeping an eye on the surroundings can help drivers spot officers who are giving out tickets or who are doing radar. It is important to remember that, depending on the area and the view offered, it’s possible for the radar to detect the driver’s speed before the driver sees the officer. However, being aware of what is happening can help. 

5. Stay in the Middle of Other Drivers

Officers who stop drivers that are speeding often pull over those who are in the front of the traffic or those who are in the back and are easier to pull over. Instead, try to stay in the middle of the pack of cars. If everyone is going above the speed limit, staying in the middle and going with the flow of traffic can help prevent a ticket. 

6. Use a Radar Detector

Drivers can use a radar detector to help determine if an officer is doing radar ahead of them. There are a number of radar detectors available, so it’s a good idea to find one that’s designed to work well and that’s going to give an accurate warning of officers using radar ahead. It is not a good idea to depend on them, as malfunctions or errors can occur, but they can help. 

7. Avoid the Far Left Lane

The far left lane is generally used for passing, though many drivers use it as the fast lane. This is where most people are pulled over from, especially on the highway. While sticking with the flow of traffic, stick with the middle or right lane, as well, to further minimize the potential for a ticket.

Driving the speed limit is the best way to avoid a traffic ticket, but there are other things drivers can do to minimize their risk, as well. If you are ever pulled over and given a speeding ticket, learn how to fight it to minimize the amount owed.