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The Biggest Bathroom Trends of 2021

During the pandemic last year, a lot of people spent far more time in their homes, and as a result, home renovations became extremely popular. This trend has continued, and home updates continue to be high on people’s priorities. Bathrooms can be a tricky room to get right; it’s a delicate mix of both function and fashion. It needs to work for all of your needs as well as have the right look. That being said, it’s hard to keep up with the trends if you don’t know what they are. So read on for the biggest bathrooms trends of the year.


Whilst radiators are incredibly important, especially in the bathroom, they are not always stylish. Leaning ladder radiators offer a unique alternative to the traditional style that is far more trendy but still practical. They can easily be embedded in any bathroom suite, including smaller bathrooms or en suites. They also come in a variety of finishes which allows them to work with any colour palette.


Panelling is a huge interior trend this year for all areas of the house. In other rooms, it is usually done with MDF sheets to give more texture to
the room. However, this trend has carried over into bathrooms, too, with more and more people opting to go for statement bathroom wall panels. Igloo offer a huge range of panels to suit all styles and aesthetics; they are durable, waterproof and you can easily fit them over your existing tiles. 


This year has seen a huge resurgence in 70s fashion, which has also had an unexpected influence on other trends,including bathroom sets. Colour basins are back in a big way, with the most popular colour options being orange, yellow and green. So if you are considering a new bathroom set, try to ensure that you pick soft furnishings in complementary colours to help tie the room together. 


If you aren’t quite brave enough to go for a brightly coloured bathroom set, then you could simply pick one statement piece. Copper baths are very en vogue right now, and they can really help to elevate the room. Freestanding baths also offer more choice as they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them more versatile additions to any bathroom. However, if you choose a copper bath, then be wary of the cleaning supplies you use, as they can be incredibly damaging.


Smart lighting is becomingly increasingly popular in houses in general, and more and more people are opting to add them into their bathrooms.  Bluetooth lighting allows you to change the vibe or ambience of the room from your phone. It can help to curate an atmosphere of rest and relaxation as well as being a cool modern feature to showcase. You may also wish to add a Bluetooth speaker to your bathroom while you are at it to create your own spa experience. 

In Conclusion

People spend an awful lot of time in their bathrooms, and it is one of the only other rooms in your home that you can guarantee that your guests will use too. Bathrooms, alongside kitchens, are some of the rooms in your house that consistently add value to your property when done well, so bear that in mind.