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How To Convert JPG To PDF On Windows 10

The users of Window 10 can easily convert JPG to PDF. Say goodbye to all the hassles and troubles of image conversion from one format to another. But, some of the times, it is necessary to convert the image format into PDF format. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find a JPG image to PDF Converter that is available for free of cost, and enables you to carry out multiple conversions with ease. Read on to find out how to convert jpg to pdf on Windows 10!

how to convert jpg to pdf on windows 10


JPG is the image format, while PDF is the encrypted format. PDF is such a format that is more print-friendly and ensure to retain the quality of the image. The major benefit of PDF over JPG is that it ensures the preservation of the originality of the document. It ensures to offer optimum protection to the file layout and avoid the chances of editing. JPG can save one image in a separate document, while PDF can save multiple images in one file with ease. 

The extensive file size decreased due to the compression of the images in PDF format. Hence, it will occupy the least space. People like to use online JPG to PDF converter because of the flexibility of converting JPG images to PDF files. Most often, it is required for converting the images of business records into PDF. Moreover, the file uploading needs to be in a specific format such as PDF, so one has to rush for this conversion through online JPG to PDF converter or another such method. If you are looking to edit a PDF, why not try this PDF editor for free!

JPG to PDF Conversion on Windows 10

Images are highly pleasing objects which occur in different formats. All of these image formats have their own significance. Most often, these include PNG, JPEG, or JPG. The conversion of images from one image format to another is much easier. But how to convert image to PDF. What is the method to turn JPG into PDF? The online JPG to PDF converter is the swiftest and reliable tool in this regard. Let us explore the method of conversion from JPG to PDF on Windows 10:

Method 1 – Conversion through Microsoft Word

Step 1:

The most amazing benefit of converting the JPG to PDF on Windows 10 is that one does not have to download any software for this. The feature of Microsoft Print to PDF works the best for it. It is a worthy way to save images into PDF format. Similarly, there is another super exciting and fabulous way for the image conversion to PDF, which includes the use of Microsoft Word. Open up Microsoft Word and then click on the button of creating a new document. The online JPG to PDF converter saves money and allow unlimited conversions quite fabulously.

Step 2:

In order to proceed with the conversion of JPG to PDF, one must have the high accessibility of the JPG images. Now, start creating the document by uploading the JPG image on it. The user can enter single or multiple JPG images to Microsoft Word. The feature of copy and paste the image is the most convenient one. However, there can be the uploading of the image from the insert picture option where one can choose the JPG images to enter. The online JPG to PDF converter also demands the uploading of images, then turn JPG images into PDF documents.

Step 3:

It is one of the most important steps which will let the user relish the outcomes quite instantly. After making the selection of the images, you will observe that Microsoft Word will have all the selected images in it. Hit insert to add on more images and upon satisfaction, consider saving the document but in PDF format. The most common query that arises to mind is that it must be saved in .docx format to get it in .pdf format. 

Make the adjustment in the images reading the size, alignment, sequence or any other. After doing so, click on the button of the file and make the selection for Save As. The user will get the opportunity to save JPG as PDF. Click at Save as PDF and then hit the button of Save. The flawless outcomes of the online JPG to PDF converter makes it an ideal tool to use.

Method 2 – Conversion through Photo App

One can convert JPG to PDF by using Photo App on Windows 10. The first step includes the navigation of the image file, which the user wants to convert into PDF. After its navigation, open it up in the default image viewer, which can be Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Photos app. Click on the Print button as you see the selected image on the image viewer screen. The user can even press the buttons of Ctrl + P to get the Print. 

The user will experience a variety of options on the dialogue box of the print window. Now, select the option of Microsoft Print to PDF, which is available under the option of Printer. Afterwards, click on the button of Print. A window will pop up instantly on the screen where the user will write the file name and save it as PDF by choosing the option of save as PDF in the file type. The online JPG to PDF converter is the best way to save JPG as it does not involve complexities for its use.