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5 Uses for Glass Storage Jars That Don’t Involve Food

Glass storage jars are, as the name suggests, meant for helping you with your storage needs. They can help you to keep yourhome neat and organised, particularly for dried foods in your kitchen, but they can also be used as decorative items as well if you get a bit creative. So, whether you have leftover or damaged jars that you don’t want to simply throw away or you are keen to get organised all over the house, here are a few things you can do with them.

1. Loose Screws and Nails

A great use for glass storage jars other than keeping your food in them could be for hardware items in your garage or garden shed. Loose screws and nails can easily get lost, so rather than having to constantly replace them by purchasing new ones, if you have any leftover after your latest DIY project can be placed in these jars and ready to use for the next job you have to do around the house. They can also be useful to keep other small items such as picture hooks, spare or old batteries, and nuts and bolts.

2. Vase for Flowers

Another way you can upcycle glass storage jars is by using them as cute, rustic-style vases for flowers in your home. Taller jars will be best for this, but small-to-medium style ones can still be effective for the right type of flowers. Whether you place them on the mantel over the fireplace, your coffee table, or sideboard, they can make excellent additions to your décor items and help you accommodate those vibrant blooms that will make any house look better.

3. Candle Holders

Flickering candlelight can inspire both a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, and it’s easy to see why they have stapled décor items in homes all over the world. You can purchase gorgeous candle holders that will look great, but if you’re on a budget or simply want to start upcycling items in your home to live more sustainably, using glass storage jars (particularly mason jars) can have a wonderful effect. They are perfect for tealight candles, or if you like making candles from scratch, you can use them to hold the entire thing.

4. Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are useful for removing makeup, removing nail varnish, and applying antiseptic creams and lotions if you have an injury. Whether you keep these in your bathroom or bedroom, storing them in a glass jar can look better and help to keep them clean. You can also put cotton buds in these jars as well if you would prefer for better organization of your bathroom/dressing table.

5. Rings and Earrings

Traditionally, these items will be kept in a jewellery box, but if you want a quirkier solution to keeping your jewellery safe, or you need some extra space because your box is already full, glass storage jars are the perfect solution. They will be better for things like rings and earrings, as necklaces or bracelets might get tangled and are better hung up to avoid this. It’s a great way to keep all of these things together so that you don’t lose them.

If you have glass storage jars at home that are no longer fit to store food items, consider these alternative uses for them so that they can have a new lease of life in your home.