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5 Clever Ways on How to Make Money by Living a Biker Lifestyle

Individuals who own a motorcycle love to share the benefits of their ride over cars. They love the lifestyle, the connection they have with the road, and the freedom they get when they are on the bike. Each biker chooses what upgrades they wish to have on their bike, and these upgrades cost less than they would with other vehicles.

Bikers rave about the ease of parking their ride. In addition, they love how bikers come together and form a community wherever they go, even with people they have never met before, and they brag about how they can purchase multiple bikes and still pay less than they would for one car. 

Owning a motorcycle means the biker spends less on gas. Their up-front costs come in significantly less than the up-front costs of car ownership, and they spend less over the life of the bike. Maintenance costs set them back considerably less, as well. 

What many bikers fail to recognize, however, is they can generate income with the help of their bike. According to the American Motorcycle Trading Company, the motorcycle may actually serve as a money-making machine. The five methods mentioned below serve as a good starting point for someone looking to make money with their bike. 

Rent the Bike

Homeowners across the globe generate income by renting their homes to travelers looking for a place to crash. Riders Share operates in much the same way for experienced bikers to have access to a motorcycle wherever they go. Individuals who don’t ride their bikes every day should consider allowing others to use the motorcycle when they aren’t. This serves as an excellent way to bring in extra cash. However, is it safe? 

The program vets riders before allowing them to access the services, and the bike owner determines the price they charge for daily rentals. In addition, the owner receives the option of offering a discount for a long-term rental. Any person looking to rent a bike through the program must prove they are 21 years of age or older and have a clean license. 

Owners participating in the program feel confident knowing an insurance policy protects them in the event something goes wrong. They get up to $15,000 of coverage for partnering with the program to rent the bike. Renting the bike serves as a quick and easy way to bring in cash, as the program issues payment to the bike owner within a week of the renter returning the bike. 

Organize Tours

Bikers can make extra money by offering to lead guided rides in their area. If this is something you find you enjoy, move on to offering longer tours. In no time, you may find you can turn this into a full-time job. Before you turn this into your new career, you may be wondering “What does a tour guide do?” Well, luckily that can be answered for you through sites such as portobelloinstitute.com, for instance, so you can gain more background knowledge and feel happy with your decision.

Before advertising the first tour, do some research. Map out the ride, decide how long it will take, and determine which features will be of most interest to other bikers. Figure out what makes your guided ride or tour different from other rides and tours currently offered, and use this information to market your services. 

Begin advertising. Local shops and rider forums serve as a good starting point. Consider offering free tours. Not only will this alert others to your services, but it also provides a way to work out any bugs in the ride and get experience as a guide. 

Once a tour guide establishes their proficiency, people will share their experience with others. Word-of-mouth advertising remains effective. Ask satisfied ride participants to write an online review, as well, because this is where younger generations turn when they want to know more about a product or service. 

Secure Sponsorships

Motorcycle vlogging has led to an increase in sponsorship opportunities for the average rider. The biker serves as a vlogger, shooting videos and uploading them to the sponsor’s designated site. The vlogger controls what goes into the video and how they make it.

This might involve strapping a camera to the bike or helmet and taking off on the open road. Stream-of-conscious commentary during the ride draws viewers in. However, this method serves as only one vlogging option. 

Bikers may also consider vlogging while sitting still. Create a vlog on motorcycle maintenance or make one that focuses on bike upgrades. Interesting content draws viewers in and encourages them to subscribe to the channel. With the subscription, they receive alerts when new videos are posted. 

Successful bloggers build up a following. When they do so, they can generate advertising revenue from the ads that display alongside the videos. Building up the following offers another benefit. 

Sponsors work with successful bloggers to advertise their products. The sponsor may ask the vlogger to showcase one or more products in a video. Another option involves offering a discount code through the channel. When a follower makes a purchase using the discount code, the vlogger receives a percentage of the profits. 

Vloggers find partnering with a sponsor leads to free merchandise, additional income, and a boost in their industry contacts. This helps the brand grow. As the channel increases in authority, additional companies will contact the vlogger to establish partnerships. The vlogger benefits when this happens. 

Teach Others to Ride

Motorcycle instructors get the opportunity to teach new riders while sharing what they have learned from their time on the road. Serving as a motorcycle instructor allows you to make money doing something you love. 

Individuals who choose to go into this field need to have excellent communication skills. They must be knowledgeable about motorcycles and laws regarding the use of these machines on roads. Patience is a necessity for instructors, and the instructor must have a positive attitude. Men and women with these qualities may find becoming an instructor is the ideal way to generate income with the help of their bikes. 

A person cannot advertise their services as a motorcycle instructor until they have undergone the necessary training and certification. Individuals in America only have one option when it comes to this training. They must work with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and take part in their RiderCoach program. This program includes American Red Cross first-aid certification. 

Once a person becomes certified, they must take part in the annual refresher courses. In addition, they need to teach a certain number of hours each year to maintain their certification. As long as these requirements are met, the instructor can work as much or as little as they want. 


Independent contractors across the country generate cash by making deliveries for companies. Gig workers have increased in number in recent years, and motorcycle riders can benefit from taking part in this sector. In fact, many bikers choose to work with multiple delivery services to increase their earnings. 

Spend more time on your bike and make money while doing so. The above mentioned methods serve as only a few examples of the many ways you can accomplish this. Once you see how easy it is to generate income with your bike, you’ll be exploring all opportunities to find those ones that are right for you.