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How to Style Athletics Clothes Anywhere and Everywhere

In the modern world, sports clothing is every bit as stylish as a tailored suit. In fact, in many situations, sportswear is considered more appropriate and fashionable. Take the trend towards high-end sneakers that have been seen in recent years as an example. In the past, it might have been more appropriate to wear fine leather brogues to a social event, but you would probably get a better reaction from a fresh pair of Jordans. With that in mind, here are some tips for styling athletic clothing for any situation.

Tracksuits Are Athletic Wear For Everywhere

Tracksuits have been fashionable for a long time now, but they’ve come a long way since the velour style was popular in the late 70s. While they have come through a bit of a slump, coordinated outfits like tracksuits are now hotter than ever. So much so that they are now even represented at high-fashion shows. 

Tracksuits have now become the perfect representation of a mixture of style, comfort, and luxury. So, whether you plan to go to the gym in your tracksuit, flex on the town in it, or simply lounge around the house, these are now a staple piece of any wardrobe. 

As mentioned above, even high-fashion houses that once eschewed tracksuits as beneath them are now waking up to the style. For example, Balenciaga, a brand known for its clothing worth thousands, now offers a range of tracksuits. If you are looking for tracksuits for men, check out the luxurious range available at Gym King. 

Styling Athletic Tops

When it comes to tops and tees, there is a wide variety of athletic wear you can choose from. When styling these, it’s best to stick mostly to t-shirts and sweatshirts. You could mix in some collared shirts when styling athletic wear. The best options for those are likely polo shirts, but you can be more adventurous if the mood takes you. 

The critical thing with athletic tees and sweatshirts is that you shouldn’t go out and about wearing your dirty gym top. Instead, opt for clothing made from similar fabrics that deliver an athletic style without the unwanted damage from training. 

Joggers and Trackpants

Sweatpants have been a staple of the streetwear style for some time now, and they are a perfect example of how athletic wear has found mainstream approval. However, there are some things to remember when purchasing joggers. 

We’re not talking about the cheap and battered pair of sweats you might wear around here. Your joggers should ideally be tapered or slim-fit. This will help you to avoid that undesirable baggy look around your ankles. You should seek out something comfortable but isn’t too loose around the lower leg. Like any other item of clothing, it might take you a few tries to find something that works for you, but it is well worth the effort. 

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How to Style Athletic Outerwear

You might love the film, but when it comes to looking stylish, you should do everything in your power to avoid replicating the lumpy hooded sweatshirt Rocky Balboa rocked. Instead, you should focus on finding something that will emphasize your body with its fitted shape. 

When styling outerwear, consider using layering to bring an extra dimension of complexity to the fit. Think about adding a fashionable track or bomber jacket over the top of a slim-fitting sweatshirt. This can work wonders in more casual situations. 

However, if you want to bring a stylish x-factor to your look, consider throwing a coat or a leather jacket on over the ensemble. Unlike other styles, athletic wear is more forgiving when mixing and matching materials and garments, which can work wonders. If you opt for such a look, ensure that none of the individual pieces take too much of the spotlight.  

Compliment Your Outfit With Sneakers

Sneakers are some of the most popular shoes around at the moment. This shoe style originally came about from athletic wear but elbowed its way into mainstream culture. While sneakerheads were once an underground group passionate about this style of athletic wear, nowadays, almost everyone fits into this category. 

So whether you opt for your favorite Jordans, Converse, Nikes, or Addidas, make sure that your outfit isn’t let down by your sneaker game. With that being said, it is probably not the best idea to wear your expensive, beautiful sneakers when you’re actually working out. As counterintuitive as this might sound if you’ve just bought some fresh shoes, the last thing you want to do is destroy them in the gym.  


On the whole, athletic clothing is very much in style right now. It is an excellent choice for almost any situation owing to its versatility and the comfort it affords you. However, you must remember that there is more to wearing this style than simply wearing your gym clothes out and about.