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8 Secrets to Make Your Bedroom a Stress Relieving Space

Your home may be your sanctuary, but your bedroom should be your oasis. However, some people find that they have a hard time feeling stress-free in their bedroom.

If you’re one of those people seeking to make your bedroom a more relaxing place, then here are eight tips that you might want to try.

Build the perfect bed

Your bed is the most crucial thing in your bedroom. After all, that’s what the name of the room is centered around. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the quality of your bed and every part of the bed until it perfectly suits you.

What you might not know about making the perfect bed is that everybody has different needs. One common misconception of a great bed is that you should be sinking right into the mattress when you crawl into it. However, a soft mattress can be harmful to people who sleep on their back and their stomach. Thus, if you have back problems, it’s best to have a firmer mattress.

If you are having difficulty deciding what mattress is best for you, you could take a look at this handy Sleeping Duck vs Koala guide for all you need to know. Then aside from the mattress, don’t forget to care for the beddings you’re using and use high-quality ones. When you have a great bed, your bedroom will feel all the more relaxing.

Get rid of clutter

Many people like to treat their bedrooms as a sanctuary. So they end up adding things of sentimental value all over the bedroom to commemorate those memories. However, having several of these memorabilia might clutter your space and make you feel crowded.

According to Planet Maids House Cleaning NYC, decluttering can give your bedroom a soothing effect. You never know how much space the mess you have is occupying until you get rid of them.

After that, you’ll see just how much breathing space you could finally have with your room. Thus, before you do any redecorating magic in the area, or do anything else, don’t forget to declutter first.

Color it calm

The color scheme of your bedroom is another thing you should think about.

There are specific colors that might be appealing to you but might not be the best choice for your bedroom. Therefore, you should want to pay special attention to the colors of your bedroom.

Avoid opting for bright tones or even warm tones, which are not the most relaxing colors. The best colors for making a room relaxing would be greens, blues, and even grays. The darker or more subdued tones that aren’t as bright won’t make your eyes work too much. Thus, it becomes much easier to relax in your bedroom.

Choose the correct lighting

When choosing the lighting fixture for your bedroom, try a light solution that is not too bright. Unlike places like the home office, you don’t need such a bright light. Instead, opt for more ambient lighting that can shift the mood and make you slow down. It will make the bedroom look gentler and more inviting that way.

Of course, you can always have a dimmer switch in the bedroom if you don’t always want that moody lighting in the bedroom. Also, try to include some natural light in the bedroom so that your bedroom is more bright and more welcoming in the mornings.

Put a personal touch

A bedroom that doesn’t have signs that someone lives there can feel cold, especially to you who’s sleeping in there.

If you don’t have any personal effects around the bedroom, this is the sign that you’re looking to start adding them. Don’t just opt for whatever design magazine tells you to do.

Of course, you don’t want it to be excessive to the point that your bedroom feels cluttered. However, a few picture frames or a painting that you enjoy can make a difference. It will make you more fond of staying in your room.

Use elements from nature

Adding more natural elements to the bedroom can make it a more relaxing place.

Adding natural features around any room can make it feel fresher and brighter. Thus, if you’re not using any elements from nature sprinkled around your room, you might want to add them wherever it’s appropriate.

Indoor plants, for example, have been more popular nowadays. If you add some indoor plants, even with just succulents, it can brighten up a room.

However, ensure that you will take care of these plants. Otherwise, you might have dead plants in your bedroom, which are not very inviting and stress-free in feeling.

Explore scents

If you’re not a person who’s sensitive to scents, you might want to play around with how your bedroom smells.

A popular way to make a room smell nicer nowadays would be through scented candles. There are plenty of sellers everywhere that have a variety of scent combinations that you can try.

If you don’t think you can be held responsible over an open flame, even in candle form, you can also use potpourri instead. Some people also use a diffuser to spread out their essential oil of choice around the room. Lavender is particularly relaxing for some people.

Create a “no work zone”

As much as possible, you want to avoid doing any non-relaxation-related activities in the bedroom.

If it has to do with work especially, don’t do it in your bedroom. It’s best to avoid doing work on your bed. That’s because your mind will have a more challenging time distinguishing between work and relaxation time.

You can also avoid using your phone on the bed. Scrolling mindlessly on your phone is not the best thing to do to relax. Thus, avoiding using the phone at all, in this case, can help your mind stop running a mile a minute.

You deserve to feel relief from stress whenever you step into the bedroom. With the help of the tips listed above, you should have an easier time having a relaxing bedroom.