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10 Simple Tips to Make Household Chores Fun and Engaging for Kids

For many adults, household chores are not exactly fun. So, do not expect that it will be the same for kids.

Nonetheless, you must teach your kids how to help in the house. It is just a matter of making chores fun and engaging for them.

Work as a team

Instead of assigning a cleaning task for your kids and leaving them be, your kids will feel much better if they feel this is a team effort. Plus, many parents often feel frustrated assigning cleaning tasks to their kids only to find that it’s not to their standards.

A way to solve these issues is by working with them on the same cleaning task.

Working as a team will help because it will keep you and your kids’ company. You can use it as a time to bond with one another. At the same time, you can also teach them proper techniques.

It also shows that household chores are everyone’s responsibility and that everyone in the house contributes to them.

Get cute cleaning supplies

One of the things that can help your kids feel more engaged when cleaning is if they have their own cleaning tools. And at Maid Sailors Cleaning Services Austin, TX, we suggest that you buy those cute, kid-friendly ones.

For example, your kids can have their supply of homemade all-purpose cleaner and a set of clothes that they can use for wiping down surfaces.

You can also get a set of cute microfiber cloths for wiping down said surfaces. There are options available in the market, although it would be best to involve your kids in the shopping process might make them more interested.

Use checklists

Leaving your child to do a cleaning task without any instruction other than that will do nothing else but set them up for failure or even worse, might cause them harm. So remember to instruct them what specific part of the house should they clean. Also, always consider the types of furniture you purchase for your child’s safety. After all, you’re likely going to have a specific preference for how you would want the task accomplished, which your child might not be aware of and without putting them in danger.

That said, providing them with a checklist can make it easier. As you clean with them, show them the clean-up checklist so that they know what qualifies as a clean room for you.

It will also be easier to quantify when they’ve finished cleaning a place properly by going through this checklist.

Have a rotating chart

Creating a chore chart or schedule is fine at first, as it makes it clear what tasks you expect everyone to do. However, over time, your kids will get bored of it eventually.

Therefore, if you want them to stick to it, you should create a rotating chart. You can also let them do their chore chart.

Involving the kids in this process using a chore chart ensures that everyone gets a say in what tasks they get to do. You might find that some kids prefer other jobs over others over time. So, you can have a clear idea of which tasks someone is best left to be in charge of.

Use a reward system

If you’re seeking tangible ways to motivate and engage your kids with their household chores, you can’t go wrong with establishing a reward system.

You can have different rules for your reward system, but you should create a plan that your kids won’t get bored of or take advantage of over time.

A great reward system would be tasking your kids to accomplish different chores, and if they manage to do five chores correctly or so, they get a reward.

Make it a playtime

One of the best ways to engage orchids in doing household chores is making it a time for play. Of course, the older they are, the less effective this might become, but when they’re still young and still value play, you can use this technique.

For example, when you’re asking them to help you cook, you can turn on the tunes, and you can dance around. Doing this can help them associate household chores with fun bonding time with their parents. 

Give them entertainment

When you have younger kids, that does not mean you cannot get them involved with house chores. Nonetheless, we suggest that you make it entertaining for them.

Giving them some of the clothes, even to pretend that they’re folding them along with you even if they aren’t, can help drive that initial interest.

Make it challenging

For your older kids, household chores seem dull and are in the way of them getting to something more engaging. In this case, it’s best to give them more responsibility to help engage them more. For example, rearranging the pantry is a simple but mentally engaging activity that can get them busy for hours.

Set a time limit

If you’re going to ask kids to do a short cleaning task, why not set a time limit. Set the timer in short intervals and assign them a cleaning job, and if they get it done within the time limit, they get a reward. Tasks like putting toys back in the chest can be significant to use the time limit method.

Ask for their ideas

Listening to what your kids are willing to do can make it a lot easier for you since you know which tasks they wouldn’t gripe about as much. However, don’t forget that you’re also their parent, so don’t be afraid to ask your kids to do specific tasks that they may not want to do as well.

The tips listed above should be able to help you get kids more involved in household chores. By encouraging them to take on some responsibilities around the house, you are setting them up to be responsible adults. Thus, please don’t give up on instilling that value in them by following some of these tips.