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The Huawei Fitbit: Is it Worth Every Penny?

The design of the Huawei Fitbit is sort of a hybrid between an Apple Watch and the Fitbit Charge 4. In regards to the features, however, the Huawei Fitbit is heading in the direction of a typical fitness tracker watch but a little smarter, if you will. Does it sound complicated? What this means is that the Huawei Fitbit has some specifications that make it more superior compared to other fitness devices in the market. In today’s brief review, I will talk about the special features of the Fitbit and its advantages. At the end of the article, it should help you decide whether to own one or not. So without further ado, let’s begin…

Huawei Watch Fit: Form Factor and Specifications

One of the praises that the Huawei Fitbit usually gets is its amazing comfort level when worn. Such specification is especially beneficial as you’re performing your workout routines. It is lightweight and smooth that you won’t even feel you’re wearing for long periods. Plus, the casing of the watch has a slight curvature that perfectly conforms to the contour of writs. Thus, it somehow boosts comfort because it prevents the watch from wobbling as you are moving. Lastly, the Huawei Fitbit is water-resistant and made of durable materials that make it highly resilient against the effects of harsh weather conditions.

Huawei Watch Fit: Operating Software and Performance

If you have used lines of Huawei’s smartwatches in the past, like the GT series, you will find that the user interface of Huawei Fitbit is similar. And this is so because they are using the same operating system, and that is the Huawei Lite OS. The system is user-friendly and reliable in regards to efficient response time during interaction with the fitness watch. 

Other notable functions that the OS support for this device includes sleep tracker, SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate sensors, GPS capability, and workout and sports mode.

Huawei Watch Fit: Battery Life

Probably the best feature of the Huawei Fitbit is its incredible battery life. Thanks to its 180 mAh, a single charge should provide juice that lasts for 10 days! That’s an amazing specification considering that it’s a mid-range fitness watch.

However, the 10-day advertised by Huawei may rely on the level of usage. According to customer reviews, light use of the Fitbit can definitely provide you between 9 to 10 days (or even more) of power. On the other hand, frequent consumption of its advanced functions can reach between 5 to 6 days of battery life. Nevertheless, the battery capacity is still very impressive when you compared them to other mid-range watches and more premium brands.

Huawei Watch Fit: Price and Availability

The cost of the Huawei Fitbit watch is £129.99 or about $180. However, the mentioned amount is the retail price. As of this period, Huawei is only offering them at £74.99 or about $104. But it doesn’t end there. The promo also includes free delivery and freebie upon purchase.

In case you have decided to avail of one, you can buy them at any local outlets in your area. Or, you can visit Huawei’s official online business page if there are none available within your vicinity.

Our Verdict

The Huawei Fitbit watch is probably the best brand of sports and fitness watch in the market. And I say this with conviction because of considering the devices’ cost, built-quality, functionality, and performance—I sincerely believe that it is a definite bang for your buck! 

Because of the design of the watch, you can also purpose them as your regular “everyday” wristwatch. In addition, the straps are replaceable, which allows you to change the style from time to time depending on the occasion on your current preferences.