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Simple Ways That a Digital Footprint Can Benefit Your Career

When it comes to your career, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. In a pile of CVs that a recruiter has to look through, even if you have all of the needs and wants that the job description talks about, it may not be enough to get you the job if there are others that have gone over and above with their applications. We live in a competitive job market, so being able to stand out from the crowd is really important. 

One of the ways that you can improve your CV and take things to the next level with your career is through blogging. When you’re a blogger, you learn a range of new skills that can help in a variety of different careers. So if you do want to stand out from the crowd, then here are some of the ways that blogging can help you to be a step ahead of the competition.

Enhances your professional profile

From the point of view of a hiring manager or a recruiter, they want to have some real evidence that what you are talking about is legitimate. When you blog, you are giving the recruiter something concrete that they can go and have a look at. If you have talked about your skills in video editing or your writing skills, such as for a copywriting vacancy, then your blog is something that can be easily checked to see if you are saying and doing what you say you are doing. 

Above all, the blog that you have, especially if you’re looking to get into a specific industry, needs to be current and relevant. If there are a number of random or unrelated topics, then it won’t really demonstrate your voice in a particular area or topic, and the recruiter could be left wondering what your area of expertise is. With a blog, you can showcase the areas that you are knowledgeable in as well as the areas that you are passionate in. With a blog, you will be able to show what you know, how much you know, and the way that you think. Then they will be able to see how much of an asset you could be for the business and how it could help them. 

If you have a brand to sell (yourself), then blogging is an ideal way to do just that. Even if you have some limited experience, you can still show off your highlights. By doing research when you blog and analyzing a variety of different problems and solutions in the profession that you have, it shows just how passionate you are and that you are a motivated individual, keen to get into and excel in a particular industry. 

Create shareable and potentially viral content

When you have an online blogging space, it allows you to create the content that you are interested in and that is current and relevant. Perhaps you share an opinion piece about something hot going on in your industry, and it gets found online and shared, because people share the same view and like how you have summed it all up. This can then get shared more and more on social media, and perhaps even get linked back in particular news articles and mentioned in industry newsletters. 

While this isn’t a guarantee when you start out blogging, there is the potential there. And getting this kind of exposure is there to help and it can mean that decision makers, like a recruiter, will recognise you when your application comes their way (and it can be a highlight on your CV that you have a blog and created content that was shared by a particular industry publication). 

Tech companies, for example, no matter their size, are always going to be on the lookout for new talent to join them. Companies such as Netflix use sites like LinkedIn to find people who have an interesting profile and are sharing relevant content. When you have some informative blog posts, it can be the thing that takes you down that path or not. There is so much content shared online each day, so why can’t yours be one of them?

Improves a range of skills

No matter what industry you are planning to get into, blogging can help. If you want to get into writing or editing, a blog will be a physical thing that someone can see and assess your skills with. If you’re wanting to get into marketing and advertising, then blogging can show to an employer in this industry exactly what you do and how successful you have been in marketing yourself as a brand. Social media can be part and parcel of blogging, as it helps people to find your content and share it, and that can be something you will learn to do with a blog, which again, could be important for a number of admin or marketing roles. 

If you are looking to get into corporate video production, then you will be able to demonstrate your skills through your own video content creation that is shared on your blog alongside blog posts. An employer will be able to see how you’ve edited your videos and how skilled you already are. If you weren’t blogging, then would they be able to see this? Plus, if you weren’t blogging, would your skills in a certain area improve as much? All things to think about.

Being the sole creator of a blog means that you can also learn some brand new skills, which although aren’t a formal qualification, show that you have some hands-on knowledge of the subject. You can improve and learn some other skills through blogging, such as:

  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • CMS

These are not skills that can be ignored! If you’ve run and managed a blog single-handedly for a year, for example, then these skills will all be part of what you do, which can’t be ignored by a recruiter.

Expand your network

Being able to network with individuals in person is something that is important. But when you can’t always do that, (hello, pandemic), then being able to network with others online can be really beneficial. By getting in touch with like-minded individuals through groups and forums, you will be able to share content and ideas, and have connections that can be used later down the line. Of course, this can be time-consuming, which is why having a platform that allows people to come to you can be beneficial.

Having a blog means that you can have your name out there and people will know where to find you. It is a good invitation for like-minded people to come your way. By having contact details that are obvious and visible, it allows people to get in contact and to connect with you. 

Compliment your CV

A hiring manager or a recruiter will get a number of applications for each position that they have open. With particular industries being busy right now, you could be one of many applications, depending on what you are applying for, so there can be a lot of competition. That is why your CV needs to be up-to-date, with a cover letter that is on point. More than that, though, the hiring manager might be looking for something extra from your CV in order to put you on the call for an interview pile, rather than the not sure pile. With a blog, it can be the thing that makes the difference. It adds something extra that others don’t have, as well as shows how you have acquired or improved certain skills or certain knowledge. 

Creates a digital footprint

One of the things that hiring managers will do when they get your application is to look up your name online. What they see as the results that come up could be good or bad for you, but if there is a lot of good stuff there, then it increases your chances of being called up for an interview. 

You might be wondering why recruiters do this and why they want to check on your digital footprint; they do this for a number of reasons:

  • It demonstrates that you are savvy with your skills and knowledge around internet and social media
  • They can get an idea about your personality or skill set before you attend an interview
  • Recruiters will be able to get an idea on your thoughts and views within the industry., which of course, can be demonstrated through a blog

If you have a lot of good content that comes up, demonstrating professionalism and a pride in your work and career, can be a good thing in the eyes of someone hiring. 

Your blog can be a great place to write and share opinions and ideas for people to come to, but it can also be a way to earn an additional income. There are a number of professional opportunities that can come from writing a blog, as well as things that could help you to land your dream job.