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Caring for Employees: The Basics Explained 

As an employer, keeping your staff happy is one of the best ways that you can ensure your company’s success. 

Research shows that workplace stress can have a profound impact on your health – and part of that is having a bad boss. Though many people thrive under stress, some employers are controlling and demanding, creating an unbearable working environment that can lead to heart disease.

Part of caring for employees is knowing what they need and there are several basic steps to take. 

Keep reading to find out how to keep your employees happy and productive!  

Get Rid of Rigid Work Hours 

The rigidity of the standard 9 to 5 can be stressful in any job. It can have plenty of negative effects too, with employees getting burnt out and days of sick leave piling up on the sickness absence management software.

There is rush hour traffic before and after work, and employees are limited to productivity within that time frame. 

Your employees have lives outside of work and honoring that time is part of employee care. Personal lives can get messy and complicated, and being flexible with work hours as part of your company’s employee benefits can reduce your staff members’ stress and allow them to manage their lives more efficiently. 

Your staff will be so appreciative and more productive in turn.  

Ease Up on Expectations 

Much of employee stress comes from pressure and expectations of their role.

If your employees feel that there is no wiggle room or slack on certain deadlines, they can become overwhelmed and their work will suffer as a result, eventually leading to burnout. Try to give ample time for deadlines and cut your staff some slack wherever you can. 

Employees under pressure are more likely to make errors and oversights as a result of the added stress of a deadline. 

Trust your employees if they say that they cannot come into work because they are sick, and create a time-off policy that honors emergencies and sickness.

In fact, putting in place employee benefits and group health insurance is a great way to show your staff that you care about their well-being.   

Acknowledge Your Staff’s Successes 

People love to be recognized for a job well done. The best employees often result from lots of positive reinforcement. 

There are likely plenty of small successes throughout the day, regardless of your particular industry. Make sure that your employees get the praise and accolades that they deserve. Ensure that you also do it in front of others. 

This can be an honorable mention in your staff’s morning huddle, an email highlighting employees who have done an exceptional job on a certain project, or a group lunch to celebrate. 

Get to Know Your Employees Personally

Taking care of employees means getting to know who they are. Ask about their partner, their children, and their interests outside of work. 

Acknowledging your employees personally shows that you treat them as your equal. Connecting with them on a different level and showing a personal interest, will show that you see them as more than an employee. 

These personal touches, such as asking about someone’s child by name, or following up how the weekend went with the in-laws will go a long way.

The Bottom Line on Caring for Employees

It’s a common theme in many jobs to hate your boss, but there are so many ways that you can start caring for employees and boosting productivity. Loosen up your expectations, be flexible with hours, get to know your employees, and celebrate the wins. 

Follow this guide and be the boss that everyone loves! 

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