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Hair Styling 101: Hair Stylist-Approved Tips and Tricks for the Most Incredible Hair 

We all aspire to have hair that looks like we stepped right out of the hair salon a minute ago. But with hectic schedules and the seemingly never-ending list of tasks, making sure that every day is a good hair day can seem downright impossible. Don’t fret! With these hairstylist-approved tips and tricks in mind, you can get the most incredible hair – regardless of your hair type.

Understand what your hair type is

Not all hair is created equal – different hair types require a different approach when it comes to hair care and styling. By taking the time to learn about your natural hair type and the best way to care for it, you can spare yourself the hassle of dealing with damaged hair.

There are two main hair types: thick and fine. A thicker hair type is typically coarser, the strands are heavier, and women who have it often struggle with keeping their hair in place no matter how many bobby pins they use. Frizz is also a huge issue for women with thicker hair, and taming it often feels like a challenge. On the other hand, women with a fine hair type find it challenging to keep their hair voluminous. They’ve got fewer, skinnier strands, and their locks don’t feel heavy at all. Whether you’ve got thicker or finer hair, make sure to factor in your hair type whenever you are shopping for brushes, heating tools, and haircare and styling products.

Heat protection is a must

It’s no secret that we feel our best when our hair is looking its finest, especially after an amazing hair styling session or a great blowout. While using heat can be a great way to style your hair and change things up a bit, it’s important that you do it right. Heat can have a damaging effect on the strands, and while ditching your hairstyling tools isn’t the most realistic suggestion, protecting your hair from heat definitely is.

Whenever you’re applying heat to style your hair, make sure to apply a heat protector before that. The product will act as a shield against the negative effects of hair dryers, tongs, and straighteners, while simultaneously conditioning the strands.

Provide a solid foundation with a good haircut

While we all understand that regular haircuts are a must, many women skip them because they don’t want to lose length. This can be damaging to your strands since split ends will continue to travel up the hair and break it off, so you’ll ultimately end up with shorter hair than before. You’re much better off cutting off those dead ends for good and relying on add-ons such as extensions to style your hair. So take yourself off to a hair salon venice fl, or wherever you are based, and talk with them about how you would like you hair to look. They will be able to cut it in a way that keeps it how you want, and may be able to discuss with you how extensions can be used to add the length you need as well as make your hair look fuller.

Tape-in extensions are ideal for adding length, and clip-ins come in handy when you need some extra volume. For more practical, everyday hairstyles, rely on a high-quality ponytail hair extension to achieve your dream pony in minutes and sweep all the hair off your face. Extensions look natural, blend in seamlessly, and don’t do any harm to your natural hair. Plus, if you take good care of them, they can last you well over a year.

Use the right hair products to style your hair

Using hair care and styling products that are suitable for your hair type is crucial if you want to ensure beautiful and healthy mane. Start by getting the right shampoo and conditioner. Look for the ones formulated specifically for thick or fine hair. For instance, hydrating and cleansing shampoo works best for thick, coarse, and curly hair – just make sure that it’s sulfate-free. Finer hair gets oilier faster, so you want to get a shampoo that’s super-gentle on the strands. As for the conditioner, both hair types will benefit from regular deep conditioning treatments. If you have fine hair, make sure to use more lightweight products such as sprays and mists. They’ll lubricate the strands without weighing your hair down. Ladies with thicker hair, however, will need something richer and thicker such as oils and creams.

When it comes to styling products, you can choose between gels, mousses, serums, and creams. Hair gels are great if you want slick hair or defined curls, mousses are perfect for adding volume, while serums and creams make for ideal tools for putting finishing touches at the last minute.

Wrapping up

While heading to the salon to get your hair done professionally definitely has its perks, it’s not always an option. However, with some care and styling know-how, you can achieve your desired looks easily at home. Use these tips as your how-to guide and you’ll be well on your way to getting the hair you’ve always dreamed of.