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How to Create an Appealing Product Review Website 

Building a product review site is an excellent idea. More so, if you tend to try different products and be opinionated about it. The same thing goes if people often ask you for advice or recommendations.

On the other hand, consumers rely on product review sites to gather information. That way, they can decide whether an item is worth buying.

This means that you already have many readers that you can target should you decide to start a product review website.

Why Build a Review Website?

A rating and review site comprises a database of businesses and products, customer feedback, and star rating.

In addition, you have three options on how you can build a review website:

  • Build a review website that has a database of unique, niche products.
  • Create brand-new idea features which haven’t been implemented yet.
  • Come up with a review site with almost the same features as your competitors but improves the user experience and usability.

That said, here are seven tips you can follow if you want to create an appealing product review site:

Figure out your niche

You can create general product reviews wherein you can review different products. However, you might want to find your niche to make it more specific. 

Here are some advantages of doing this:

  • If you have interests in specific things, you would want to focus on doing what you love. The more you enjoy doing something, the more likely you’ll be more devoted to it, and the better it will be.
  • You can showcase your knowledge and expertise, and your opinion will also do a better review and be much easier to write. Let’s say you’re a mom. Then, it makes more sense than you do reviews on baby products. 

Choose a website name and domain

We suggest that you create a memorable and unique domain. Still, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of review websites with generic names with “reviews” on them. While it’s pretty stable, they still make fortunes. 

We understand the appeal of having a “review” oriented domain along with the blog name. 

On the other hand, sites like Gearpatrol.com and Wirecutter.com have memorable names. So, we suggest that you still opt for something unique and special. 

Select a web host

Choosing a great web host will also take a little bit of research on your part. We suggest that you look at previous reviews other people left on the web hosts you’re considering. That way, you can choose one that best fits your needs. 

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind if you’re looking up web hosts:

  • Make sure that their company is reputable.
  • Make sure that they have at least 99% uptime or more.
  • Don’t go with a web host that has the cheapest rate.
  • Make sure that users can quickly contact customer support. 

At Sytian Web Design Philippines, we always tell clients that it would help if they considered these things. That’s because your audience will be returning to your site for your expertise as your site grows. 

The last thing you want is to access your site only to find it offline, and they would head to your competitors instead. Make sure that they’re easy for beginners to use. 

Create the main headline

Chances are, 8 out of 10 users who click across search results will be reading your headline. 

But guess what? Only two will be reading the entire thing. That’s how crucial your headline is. The goal here is simple- let your customers read the first sentence. 

It would help if you had compelling headline writing- suggest something that will offer great value to the customer. Refer to the data you’ve collected on your how-to write a product review worksheet. 

Ideally, your headline should be eye-catching. For one, you need to incorporate your target keyword, which is often the product you are reviewing. Next, you should make it clear in the headline that it is a product review. 

Revamp your blog’s design

When you launch your site, you need to pick out a theme that you might want to stick all the way through. 

WordPress has default themes, but if you want to stand out from the rest of the pack, you need to choose a premium theme that will take your site to the next level. You can use web designers in melbourne or an area closer to you to do this for you.

Remember, your site design plays a crucial role in getting more customers and reading the content that you’ve published. 

After reading your content, you can convince them to purchase some of the best products you’ve mentioned via affiliate links. 

Avoid promotional jargon

Keep in mind that you’re writing a review, and you’re not advertising a product!

Your customers want to have honest reviews of the product, like what happens when you use the product. Let’s say that you’re reviewing a face mask. You should include in your review how it made your skin feel, your reactions to the product, etc. 

Generally, try to avoid generic or over-promotional statements. You should still be neutral in your review, even if you think that it’s the best facemask in the market. 

Implement 5-star rating and rich snippets

Place a simple 5-star rating system with CSS and HTML radios on your review page. Also, place rich snippets that can be seen on search results. 

A visual rating score on search results will undoubtedly make your reviews stand out, improve your CTA, and drive more traffic to your site.

Click-through rates will eventually translate to excellent SEO results in the long run. It would help if you also wanted to put affiliate links on your product reviews. Be mindful of their frequency, though, since you don’t want to overwhelm your readers or let it take over the entire copy. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that product reviews are a powerful sales driver. This also explains why manufacturers would reach out to such content creators.

By following the practical tips listed above, you can make money on a great product review website.

Who knows? You may even strike a product deal from a brand or two.