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The Coolest Gadgets on the Market in 2021 

We are all addicted to gadgets in one way or another. Some of us can’t even imagine our lives without a gadget or two. Can you imagine having to spend a day without your cellphone, for example? What about your laptop? The list probably goes on and on… It’s easy to conclude that there is no alternative to modern, portable and easy-to-use gadgets and we have every reason to believe we’ll be even more reliant on them in the future. While it’s pointless to analyze how the cellphone is helping us stay in touch with family members, friends and business partners, we should probably take a look at some of the emerging gadgets that have not become household names yet. You might argue that not all of them presented here are of use to you, the list is so varied that you’re bound to find something that would prove quite useful to you. So, let’s get started!

Smart notebook

Many people, especially those who created this habit in childhood, still like to carry a traditional spiral notebook and write down important notes in it. However, there is a nice alternative, which might help them make a transition into the digital world. Namely, a smart notebook allows you to make digital notes and beam them up to cloud services, so that they become available to you regardless of what device you use. One of its greatest advantages is that it provides a classic pen and paper experience and is, therefore, much more convenient for note taking than your phone.

Wi-Fi range extender

One of the greatest fear modern generations are facing is a situation in which there is no Internet access or, the WiFi signal is so spotty that no work can be done. That is why we recommend getting a Wi-Fi range extender, with is portable and easy to use, to allow you to get your internet connection back on track when you can’t rely on having a stable network access.


You might wonder what can be so revolutionary about a wallet that it deserves a mention. Well, this one is not only fancy, but also quite useful. Namely, this sleek carbon fiber minimalist wallet can hold up to 12 cards, but it also provides wireless theft protection thanks to its RFID blocking feature. Also, since it comes with a lifetime warranty, you don’t ever have to worry about getting a new one if something happens to it.

Sunrise alarm clock

Many of us have problems getting up in the morning and we simply hate the sound of alarm clocks or alarms on our cellphones. Luckily, there are some gadgets, like Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, which make waking up a more pleasant experience by simulating a sunrise, which can be less jarring than a standard alarm buzzer. This product also features a built-in light therapy lamp with 10 brightness settings for reading in bed. If you’re one of those who still suffer each time they have to wake up, this might be a great gadget for you.

LARQ Self-cleaning water bottle

You probably never thought there would be a water bottle that cleans itself. While washing a bottle is not the most difficult task in the world, you may sometimes simply forget to do it. That’s why getting this bottle makes perfect sense. Thanks to the UVC light, this self-cleaning water bottle kills germs and bacteria.

Segway Ninebot Drift

Young people want to be unique and stand out. One of the ways to achieve this is to get these electronic roller-skates, which are perfect for that. Even if you’re not young, you can use them to go anywhere you want within minutes. They also provide great fun, especially to those living in urban areas, where public transport or traditional means of transport are not the most efficient option.

Pocketalk Language Translator

It’s really inconvenient to be in a situation the language barrier slows down communication or even nips it in the bud. One of the gadgets to provide a solution is this portable translator, which translates 74 languages. It uses its microphone to pi ck up the voices, detects the language and translates simultaneously. All you need to do is hold the button while you’re speaking.

These are just some of many gadgets that have been a real hit among gadget-freaks and those not so obsessed with them alike. While this list doesn’t include all the important new products, it still gives you a good idea about the range of products on offer. Basically, new gadgets are coming up constantly and we can expect that the trend will continue for many years in the future.