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How to Level Up Your Career From Home 

If you find yourself in a habitual routine with your job, you might find that you crave some advancement in terms of new skills or more money. However, there’s good news; if you’re willing to put yourself outside your comfort zone now and then and plan your day carefully, you can achieve a lot working your regular hours from home.

Set small goals 

It’s easy to set annual goals to level up your career, especially at the beginning of the year when you have aspirational plans; the trouble is that large annual goals can be difficult to achieve and quantify. So it’s better to set small goals regularly. 

Consider the work you do every day, what are your tasks, and how can you improve your skillset through training? Make a deadline to complete your tasks, and remember to measure the goal completion rate. Daily and weekly audits are also useful. 

Challenge yourself

It’s so easy to get into a routine with work and establish a comfort zone, but a comfort zone job doesn’t help you much with career progression. The most successful people know they have to challenge themselves and operate just outside that comfort zone. 

Make a list of the things that scare you most, things like public speaking, networking events or meeting clients. It will be challenging to leave your comfort zone so remember to choose an event that challenges you enough, but not too much. 

Take training courses

If you want to level up your career quickly, one of the best ways is to use a training course that gives you all the tools you need to take your career further without waiting to acquire these skills through your current job.  

Even half an hour per day before you start your work in the morning or in the evening when you finish is enough to get through a substantial training course from a coaching academy such as There Be Giants. You will immediately notice an improvement in your job performance. 

Read books 

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to level up your career from home is to invest in some industry books and read them in your spare time or during your working schedule. But, again, half an hour of reading once a day can take you a long way. 

Most industries have a core of books that everyone should read to get ahead. Many people don’t think these are required since they work in the field, but it can fill in the blanks and make you an expert when you start reading the industry classics. 

Network online 

General Linkedin messages are generally ignored, so if you want to network successfully, you need to personalize the message and show your network what you have in common. This not only catches their attention but also makes networking more successful. 

By creating networks in your industry, you are expanding your sphere of influence and increasing your connections, this not only improves your chances of finding work, but it also helps to level up your career as you learn from those more advanced than yourself.