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The Importance of Gas Safety In The Household 

Gas safety in your homes is a crucial step to keeping your family safe. Living with dangerous, unchecked gas appliances or gas work that is unsafe can pose a serious risk to you and your loved ones. There are a number of things you can do to minimise your risk and keep a check on the gas safety in your household.

Check your appliances

People usually think to get their boiler serviced annually but what about your gas fire or gas cooker? If one of these appliances malfunctions it can pose serious health risks. It’s best to make sure all of your gas appliances are checked annually by a qualified, registered engineer. 

Gas safety and improvements

A number of us enjoy taking on DIY projects around the house, however, by law, gas work should never be attempted by anyone who isn’t a qualified engineer. There are safety improvements that can be made to make your property gas safe, such as having a flexible gas pipe fitted. This corrugated stainless steel pipe can help to reduce any gas pipe leaks, therefore adding to your gas safety security but they must still be fitted by a qualified professional.  

Carbon Monoxide alarms and detectors

It is worth considering having carbon monoxide detectors or alarms fitted that are activated when elevated levels of carbon monoxide are detected, enabling you to be aware and to take action to keep yourself and your family safe. 

Fitting a new gas appliance

Just as the gas appliances in your home have to be maintained by a qualified professional, any new appliances will need to be fitted and checked by a competent engineer. It’s important you are aware of the installation process and the correct paperwork you should receive at the end of the fitting.

Being gas safe when you move home

Moving home is well-known as a stressful time but it’s important to be aware of gas safety protocol. A normal survey being carried out on your new home won’t identify any issues with gas safety so it’s important to get a competent engineer to complete safety checks on your gas appliances to ensure they’re up to the job and safe to have around your family.

If you rent your property, you should make yourself aware of the legal responsibilities your landlord should be following when it comes to gas safety in your home. You can find out all about landlord and tenant responsibilities to ensure all of the right protocols and procedures are being followed.

Understanding the risks of gas appliances when they’re unsafe

The dangers that can occur when your home isn’t gas safety checked are significant. Unchecked appliances can leak gas, cause poisoning as a result of carbon monoxide, start fires and cause explosions. These are just some of the catastrophic issues that can happen if gas safety is not taken seriously. 

To minimise your risk, make sure that all of the appliances in your home that use gas are all regularly checked and monitored by professionals. If a gas appliance is found to be a potential danger, your engineer may deem it necessary to attach a warning label that says “Danger Do Not Use”. This could be due to a hazardous fitting or another issue with the particular appliance. Your engineer will inform you of the issue and then either fix the problem or ask your permission for it to be turned off to reduce the potential risks until it can be made safe.

Gas safety can sometimes feel like something that can be put off if you don’t see any immediate issues or problems with your appliances that use gas in your home, however, it’s worth taking time to get everything checked as this could be the difference between your loved ones being safe or at risk in your home.