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Top activities for keeping pre-schoolers engaged 

As children grow and develop, they’re going to require more elaborate activities to keep them engaged and entertained. You probably don’t need reminding, but we’ve spent plenty of time at home over the last 18 months and your activity ideas for your little one might be running dry. Thankfully, many nursery chains will have plenty of resources on their website, for example, Kiddi Caru activities that you could take inspiration from. In this article, we will list our top three activities to keep pre-school children engaged and entertained.

Have a tea party

This one hardly seems new or inventive, but it’s always a winner in our books. Whether it’s a nice day and you choose to take your tea set outdoors, or are hiding from the rain, keeping warm inside, your tea party can work no matter what the weather. You could set up a blanket on the floor and get your little one to assemble their favourite teddys to attend the party. What’s a tea party without cake and biscuits? If you’ve got enough time, why not find a recipe online and make some tasty treats to enjoy? This way, your little one’s motor skills will be put to the test as they pour, measure and stir the ingredients. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Natural arts and crafts

It’s autumn and there’s no better time to get into the great outdoors and admire this majestic season in all its glory. The leaves are changing colour and are falling from the trees, which means that you and your little one could go out on a nature walk to collect lots of different coloured and shaped leaves that you could use to create an autumnal masterpiece. 

All you’ll need is glue, some paper or card and the leaves that you’ve collected and you and your child could make a beautiful creation to display on the wall! This will allow your child to channel their creative side, as well as get active and explore the great outdoors when they collect their natural materials. 

Make a den

Leading on from the previous idea, you could extend your time in the local woods or forest by building a den with your little one. This will give your child some vital time outdoors, exploring nature employing their motor skills to create an epic structure. To create the den, you’ll need to find some long sturdy branches, lots of small sticks, leaves, twigs or grass — to cover your creation. Once again, this is a great autumnal activity since there are so many natural materials lying around on the ground. 

The easiest way to make a den is to adopt a tepee approach, leaning some strong branches against a tree or against each other to develop the basis of the structure. Ensure that all of the branches that you use to make the den are found on the floor and are not snapped from a tree, to teach your child to respect their natural surroundings. To strengthen your structure, you can then use small bendy sticks, weaving them in and out of the walls of the den to support it. 

There are so many activities that you can take part in with your little one! Keeping them engaged will require you to test their skills and incorporate some energetic tasks. You might want to occupy their minds further by asking them questions that are related to the task. For example, when collecting leaves, you might want to ask them if they know why the leaves fall from the trees and take the opportunity to teach them about the seasons. Or just keep it simple, and ask about favourite colours. Learning doesn’t have to be dull and learning through play will ensure that your little one is engaged and entertained.