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TN Talk: 6 of the Best Neighborhoods in Memphis 

If you’re interested in living in a regional hub, then Memphis might be right for you! The tri-state area includes Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

While taking a look at the area, you might be curious about the best neighborhoods in Memphis. What’s safe and kid-friendly for a growing family? Read on to explore some of the best neighborhoods in the area that you can enjoy for years to come!

1. Bartlett

This is one of the best Memphis neighborhoods that’s a suburb of the area. Besides multifamily investments, it’s a great place to raise your children. 

Enjoy the fantastic Bartlett City School District and plenty of parks for your kids to unwind in. Some of the top employers in the area include First South Financial, Saint Francis Hospital, and Titan Medical. 

The great part is that you’re only 20 minutes from the downtown area. Enjoy a spacious yard for your kids to play in after a long day at school. 

Check out the Quail Ridge Golf Course if you enjoy golfing. There’s also the Bartlett Recreation Center as well. 

Head to the Bartlett Station Farmers Market for fresh fruit and veggies from June through October. Have your children check out the Bartlett Performing Arts & Conference Center. 

There are plenty of restaurants to check out as well in the area. Try Don Don’s Hot Wings, Baby Jack’s BBQ, or The Side Porch Steak House. 

2. East Memphis

Another one of the best Memphis TN neighborhoods is East Memphis. Just a 20-minute drive from downtown. Affordable housing is a great reason to choose this neighborhood. 

Enjoy some of the top schools in the area such as the White Station High School, Richland Elementary School, and others. Take your kids to the Children’s Museum of Memphis. 

Don’t miss out on the Memphis Botanic Gardens or the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. Head to Elwood’s Shack for some pulled pork or Memphis-style ribs with the family. Or check out some Mediterranean and Italian dishes at the Marciano Restaurant. 

3. Germantown

One of the best places to live in Memphis is the Germantown area. It’s a high-income area east of Memphis proper. It’s also one of the most sought-after areas. 

Enjoy large homes and yards, subdivisions, and more. If you’re not interested in a large yard, there are options for homes that are closer together as well. 

Property values stay stable in the area since they control overbuilding. It also helps to preserve public green spaces in the area. 

4. Habor Town

Harbor Town on Mud Island is about New Urbanism. This means that you can enjoy mixed-income and mixed-use developments. It’s located on the north side of the island. 

Politicians, professional athletes, and many others call this neighborhood home. Retirees and families even enjoy the area as well. 

Enjoy the small community feel of the area with beautiful water views and local grocery stores. One of the top restaurants is Currents. You can also send your children to one of the 2 top private schools in the area. 

5. Cooper-Young

This small neighborhood is right in the center of Midtown, Memphis. It’s also only a square mile of the area. 

If you’re looking for historic homes with a funky vibe, this might be the right area for you. Cooper-Young is a welcoming and vibrant area of the city. 

For those who are single ready to mingle, many of the residents are single as well. A small percentage of people have children. The median income is also higher here than in other areas. 

Check out the Hammer & Ale for great Memphis brews. Don’t miss out on new and used books at Burke’s Books. You won’t be far from the Overton Square Arts District either. 

In September, enjoy the yearly Cooper-Young Festival. It’s hosted by the Cooper-Young Business Association (CYBA). It’s been running for decades and you can enjoy artisan booths, music, and food. 

6. South Main

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Memphis is the South Main Arts District. It has a deep history in the Civil Rights movement and is known for having the first modern grocery store. 

Enjoy various galleries and boutiques in the area, along with great dining. If you’re looking for clubs to stay out all night, there’s plenty to do as well. 

Young professionals and wealthy millennials tend to live in the area. While there are some families, it’s more for younger singles. It’s a great location for an active nightlife. 

Keep in mind that rent is higher in this location. The median income tends to be higher as well. Since you’ll be right in the center of everything, it means less of a commute each day. 

For music lovers, don’t forget to check out the Blues Hall of Fame. For lovers of the arts, head to the Arts District which stays open late.

There are plenty of baked goods and drinks available too. Sadly, it’s also the location where Martin Luther King Jr was shot. Today, that hotel is a National Civil Rights Museum for all to enjoy.

Exploring the Best Neighborhoods in Memphis

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the best neighborhoods in Memphis. As far as which is best, it depends on what you’re looking for and what you enjoy. Also, whether you have a family or not will have an impact on the location that you choose. 

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