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Performing Arts and Self-Confidence with Stagecoach

It’s a sad yet realistic fact that children have been affected by the ups and downs of the pandemic in the past year. Cancelled clubs, isolation from friends and the constant battle of the unknown.

With the world finally starting to resemble something a bit more ‘normal’ for most of us, the need to boost our children’s confidence has never been greater. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming as parents, and knowing that you’re doing the right thing for your child’s mental health can be worrying.

Allowing your child to express themselves through performing arts is a powerful and effective tool. Whether it’s for the simple act of bringing more joy to their life, making new friends, helping them to combat anxiety, or giving them the ability to be more open about their emotions, it’s no secret that performing arts classes provide an abundance of self-esteem strategies.

Our daughter was lucky enough to attend an acting, singing and dancing class with Stagecoach Performing Arts, which she absolutely loved! Maisie is a fairly shy child and was worried about how she would get on but there was nothing to worry about! She wouldn’t stop talking about the class when she got home! I would definitely recommend Stagecoach to any parent looking to boost the confidence of their children!

We were greeted by a lady called Katie who explained what was going to happen during the class. The three hour session was separated into dancing, singing and drama. Maisie said she enjoyed the drama section of the session the most as they were getting ready for their Christmas play and she got to play an elf! She also enjoyed the singing and found the warm up funny having to get your voice ready!

Maisie left the session having made a number of friends and she seemed to be more confident already! Due to COVID, I wasn’t able to watch Maisie in the classes which was a real shame as I would have loved to see Maisie in her element!

At Stagecoach, they recognise how important mental health in children is, and work to provide a safe space for children to release their inner creativity and uniqueness. With over 30 years of experience, they pride themselves in teaching children more than just singing and dancing. With joy and happiness in the heart of all they do, they take great pleasure in seeing your child’s confidence grow in every lesson they take with them. 

With over 2,700 schools across the UK and in 8 countries worldwide, Stagecoach welcomes children of all abilities from the ages of 4 to 18. Whether you’re interested in your child joining to flourish in the acting, dancing or singing world, or you simply want to give them some continuity in this ever-changing world, Stagecoach is the perfect place to take weekly children acting classes

Whether your child uses the performance skills they learn with them or not, and whether they go on to be a successful actor or singer isn’t the main goal. Their classes are more than that – they’re a way to give your child back the confidence they may have lost, exposing them to a new way of thinking, doing and reacting. This alone is enough to give your child a chance to experience something they will value their whole life.

How can performing arts boost a child’s confidence

It is becoming increasingly more evident that exposing children to the arts aids self-confidence growth. Research shows that children who partake in performing arts are four times more likely to be recognised for academic achievement (Stanford University). The arts provide a tool to enhance cognitive, fine motor and social development in children of all ages, as well as giving them the confidence to be the person they truly are.

Through drama and dance, children are given the opportunity to find their own identity, and a chance for their self-confidence to skyrocket. Dancing to music, acting as a comedic character or publicly singing one of their favourite songs can give them confidence that is hard to find elsewhere. This can help to reduce anxiety in other aspects of life, such as reading aloud in class, public speaking, or most importantly, the realisation that getting something wrong isn’t the end of the world.

If your child struggles to express their emotions, acting as a character in a play can encourage them to open up in other ways. Your child’s escapism in another character will allow them to process their own emotions through drama. If your child is shy and quiet off-stage, you may be surprised with how confident and comfortable they are to express themselves through a different outlet.

Through research and experience, it is evident that performing arts can enhance your child’s self-esteem and confidence. With a sense of belonging, community, friendship and the freedom to express themselves without embarrassment or restriction, the arts are a powerful way to help your child grow into a successful, happy and well rounded individual.

This post is in conjunction with Stagecoach Performing Arts but all thoughts are my own.