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How to Create the Perfect Office Setup for Trading from Home 

The day-trading market is booming; nearly 2 million people in the UK dabbled in stocks for the first time last year, representing an explosion in interest in investments. The proliferation of apps and easy-access brokers has made it all the easier for people to try their hand at the stock market, democratising a practise usually left to big-time hedge-fund managers and stockbrokers. But now you can do it from the comfort of your own home – and why shouldn’t you?

If you aspire to invest your way to early retirement, it goes without saying that you should be prepared to do it properly. Day-trading, accessible as certain apps have made it, can be incredibly precise work, requiring a mindset – and a space – to go with it. To that end, you should be thinking about creating your very own office set-up for trading from home. And here’s how:

The Room

First things first, you need to secure yourself a room. The corner of your bedroom might do it for the short-term, but for the best results – and for your health – you need to separate your work from your sleeping space, and isolate yourself in order to focus fully on the task at hand. Try to secure a room with lots of natural light, to keep you awake and energised throughout the day. Keep the furniture light – include a bookshelf for any trading guides or reference books you may have, and one or two floor-standing lamps for soft lighting in winter months.

The Rig

The most important part of your room is your trading rig. You will need a powerful computer, capable of multitasking without breaking a sweat in order for you to be able to trade seamlessly. You might be tempted to choose a laptop, so you can also trade on the move – but a purpose-built PC will be much more reliable, allowing you to access a powerful mt4 web trading platform to start trading with ease.

A purpose-built PC will also provide the necessary ports for your desk set-up: namely, two or three monitor screens. You need to be able to see everything clearly, and have the desktop space to spread out your various programs; two screens will suffice, but three frees you up for a less cluttered trading experience. 

The Desk

Lastly, your desk set-up is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Given that you will be more-or-less glued to your trading set-up for the duration of the market each day, you need to be able to work in comfort and safety. Poor posture can make for a painful working experience, and will only provide distractions where you need clarity. Invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair, and choose your desk carefully. Consider using an adjustable desk for the option of standing while you work.