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The Kinds of Customization a 4WD Can Have 

There are many things that you can do to a 4WD vehicle to customize it. You can have drawer systems, trays, fridge slides, and canopies.

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During this article, we will explore the idea of custom-fabrication in respect of the accessories that can be bought.

What is Custom-Fabrication?

Metal fabrication concerns the creation of metal structures that fit a 4WD vehicle or ute to make it more purposeful. It involves cutting, bending, and the assembly processes involved in creating what is required for extra storage. It is very much a process that will add value to a vehicle when it comes to making it more useful for work or leisure tasks and when wanting to sell it in the future.

Drawer Systems

Stainless steel or zinc drawer slides will aid access to the drawers that are a part of 4WD constructions and prove to be strong and up to the job. These will invariably be an extra add-on when creating extra storage space for 4WD vehicles. The slides will come with different weight capacities to handle drawers when it comes to the tools the drawers are being expected to hold.

Zinc is a less expensive material than stainless steel, but then stainless steel is a stronger material also noted for its property of corrosion resistance. Having said that, zinc alloys can also be very strong. So, this is something to consider where cost is a consideration.

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Ute trays are ideal accessories for 4WDs, offering efficient transportation for goods. They can be either off-the-shelf or custom-built to accommodate specific items. Providing extra storage capacity and protection, they effectively extend the size of your 4WD. Ute trays are particularly beneficial for workers engaged in manual jobs and for holiday trips, where multiple family members’ possessions need to be accommodated and protected. If you own a Hulk 4X4 vehicle, you can purchase trays and other Hulk 4WD accessories online to enhance your off-road experience.

Fridge Slides

Whether you are using your 4WD for work or pleasure, it is good to have a fridge on board. It will keep your drinks cool and your sandwiches fresh. It means that you can be out in your 4WD for longer with food onboard. 

So, deciding that we need a fridge for our vehicle will mean that we require a fridge slide to house it and to bring it into play when we need to find ourselves a drink or start lunch. These slides will move easily while holding the weight of a standard fridge. In the name of customization, the slides will also hold heavier weights and lock for safety. Weights of 125kg or 227kg can be catered for and be available as lockable slides.

Contemplating a 4WD vehicle fit-out has never been made easier when you can obtain all these accessories to help you with the construction and the fabrication.


Canopies offer height and shelter from the elements as an accessory to the standard 4WD. Constructing and fitting them can be something a 4WD owner contemplates or they can be fitted for you. It depends on your budget. Canopies are made from aluminium to be durable and long-lasting. So, they are a good investment that adds purpose and value to working or holidaying vehicles.

It can be a good idea to join a 4WD club to help you with your fabrication. It provides the opportunity to see what fellow owners have done with their vehicles. Some shared ideas might be all that you need to make your 4WD vehicle into what it needs to be as well as something special.

In conclusion, we can customize our 4WD in lots of ways that will prove extremely practical and cater to any kind of trip, whether it be a holiday or a work trip. We will want our constructions to be durable, so consisting of quality metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, or strong zinc. So, whether we are going for a drawer, tray, or fridge slide, we can obtain it to fit how it needs to. 

Canopies can be constructed for shelter in a 4WD fabrication. All these things are intended to create a 4WD that suits our requirements rather than just be the closest vehicle to our needs. We can make any vehicle into what we want it to be with the supplies that are out there to complete the fabrication. Many 4WD owners will possess the expertise to do it themselves, and where they haven’t the knowledge, fitting services can be provided.