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How to Find a Family-Friendly Employer 

When you become a parent, your priorities change. For many people, that means that their career goals shift and they want to find a better work-life balance so they can spend more time with their families.

The thing is, it can be pretty difficult to find a family-friendly job that also pays the bills. Too many employers are still stuck in the past when it comes to recognising the importance of family life outside of work, and that means it can be harder than it really should be to find a suitable job as a parent.

That’s why I’ve put together a few things that may help you spot a family-friendly employer more easily.

Look at the benefits 

A good way to determine whether an employer is likely to have a family-friendly mindset is to look at the benefits they offer. If they have a generous package in terms of maternity and paternity leave, for example, they are more likely to be geared up for family life than a company that does not take those kinds of benefits seriously, which is why this is such a good place to start.

Look at how many women are in top roles

Something else that can indicate that a company is a bit better than most at working with parents is if there are a lot of women in the top jobs. Women are often disproportionately affected by having children in the workplace, so if a lot of women have managed to make it to the top, it’s likely because their employers have been supportive of family life, so you can normally take it as a good sign. However, it’s worth noting that some companies are great when it comes to being flexible with mothers, but less so with dads, so it’s not always as clear cut as you would like.

Do they offer flexible working?

Many companies, from property jobs to IT programming businesses, are now offering flexible working opportunities to their employees. If a company offers flexible working, they are more likely to be family-friendly, and you will be more likely to find a balance between work and home life. So, before applying for a position, be sure to ask them what their stance on flexible working is and you should be able to gauge how family-friendly they are likely to be should you take your application forward.

Their requirements and your needs align

What is family-friendly to one person is not at all to another, so it is also important that you check they are offering the kinds of things you are likely to need, For example, do they allow plenty of days off for emergency childcare? If not and your kid often gets sick, it might not be a good match, or if they don’t offer more than the statutory paternal leave when you would really like to be there for your new baby for a bit longer, they may not be for you.

If a family-friendly job is important to you, taking these steps before you apply is sure to narrow the field down and make it much easier for you to find the role you are looking for, whatever that may be. Good luck,